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First date jitters

Posted on 13 Sep 2018 @ 7:38pm by Civilian Ivy Rellik & Police Detective Steve Sawyer

Mission: Character Development

Steve had to take a minute as he stood outside Ivy's quarters to check himself out. It was a strange experience, feeling like he was about to go on a date for the first time in about 7 or 8 years. A real one, at least. Not part of a character or a role he'd been expected to play.

He'd tried not to make himself too dressy, keeping it casual but neat; practically his mantra. He was satisfied. Strangely insecure, almost like he had butterflies, which was a little unusual for him. Normally he was calm and in control.

Deep breath.

He buzzed her door.

Oh hell, Ivy thought as she looked at the pile of clothes that were now tossed on her bed. She'd gone though the whole I have nothing to wear! phase before deciding on a nice black skirt and burgundy, short sleeve, blouse.

"Just a second." She called as she grabbed the clothes and stuffed them into the closet. A fast glance in the mirror had her tucking a strand of hair behind her ear on her way to the door.

Nope, she wasn't nervous, not at all.... ok, maybe a little. "Enter" Ivy finally said with a deep breath taken.

He stepped inside, offering a warm smile as his eyes drifted appraisingly over her appearance. She'd definitely cleaned-up well. Granted, the last time he'd seen her she'd been in her work clothes and full of a dozen drinks, but all the same, he was momentarily speechless.

"Ah...hi," he managed. "You look really great. Wow."

She didn't even bother with the whole 'What, this ol outfit?' phrase. Part of her never actually figured out why girls tended to use that as a comeback. A warm smile was given to him, having already done a once over of him as he walked in.

"Thanks, you look good yourself." Of course she couldn't quite remember what he'd been wearing the last time she seen him. An absent minded smooth down of her hand over her skirt as she moved towards him. "So, where were we going for dinner?"

Dinner. Right. He'd almost forgotten in the moment. Another uncharacteristic moment. "I'm fairly new to the station still, but there's a Spanish Tapas place on the promenade that I've heard good things about," he suggested. He remembered that some of the uniforms had mentioned it: good wholesome family chain. No likelihood of trouble, high quality service. Perfect for their needs. "Would you like to try it with me?"

She often found herself going to the same places, more out of habit than anything, so the idea of going someplace new was always good. "Sounds good to me." Ivy said with a smile as fought those nerves and butterflies that she wasn't used to feeling. Damn it, what was it about him that had her a bit screwy lately.

"Excellent," he nodded, offering her his arm in a gentlemanly fashion. "My lady?"

Slipping her hand onto his arm "My pleasure, Sir" Ivy said with a sweet warm smile as they headed out. Her mind raced with thoughts and questions, but her nerves had her quiet for now as she tried to breath and relax. Why the hell was she so nervous? A light nip on the corner of her lower lip happened as she pondered that question.

There wasn't much in the way of conversation on their way to the promenade; both of them probably a little nervous in a strange sort of way. Steve was normally quite relaxed about these things, but she had a gentle and shy way about her. It was sweet.

"Reservation for two?" he said quietly to the maitre d, who motioned them to a small table in the back, nice and quiet away from the other patrons.

As they sat down, Steve let his gaze linger for a moment. "I'm not sure why I'm so nervous," he admitted. "Don't usually feel this way."

"Glad to know it's not just me." Ivy said with that slight smile. "Normally I'm far from shy, but then... you know that already." A soft blush tinged her features as she said that. She drew quiet a moment as the waitress came over and took their drink order before slipping off.

"So... Shall we break the ice with the usual small talk?" She asked with that smile and twinkle in her eyes.

"I've never been all that good at small talk, but here goes," he replied. "Why don't we start with how you came to be on the station, running a holoprogram shop?"

"I've always been a computer nut, and while a friend of mine was going though the academy I would make her programs to help her find some stress relief. She showed it off to her other friends, next thing I know they were coming to me wanting me to make them some. One thing led to another and a shop was born." Ivy took a moment to take a drink. "As for what brought me here, I did some research and discovered that this place seemed to be one of the busier stations. So figured here would be the best place to open shop."

Talking seemed to help her relax some and she smiled earlier. "What about you? Why the police force and why here?"

"I needed a change," he explained. "I worked a long time in vice - drugs, smuggling, that sort of thing - and figured I needed a break from all that heavy stuff. So, here I am."

"And yet, it seems you are still finding yourself into the mess of some heavy stuff." Ivy replied with a soft smile. The date had been put on hold due to some of his work, and while she'd been a bit disappointed it had given her some time. Time to figure out if getting to know Steve and pondering any kind of relationship with him was something that she could handle.

"It comes with the territory," he answered. "And while it's probably not been the worst few days of my life, I can't deny having wondered if I was going to make it back up here."

"Well I'm glad you did." She replied with a warm smile. A nod to the server that came back with the food they ordered. "Now, perhaps though you will find some relaxing time again." And spend time getting to know each other more, she thought but didn't say that part.

"Knowing this place, I wouldn't count on it," he grinned, taking a sip of his drink.

"I suppose I just cross my fingers and hope you stay safe in the face of danger." Ivy replied with a grin before taking a small bite of dinner.

The arrival of dinner seemed to help ease those first date jitters as the talk became lighter and somewhat easier. While Ivy still had questions in the back of her mind she found that, for now, it was better to just keep them back there and relax as they got to know each other more.


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