Obsidian Command
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Checking In... And Checking Out

Posted on 07 Aug 2018 @ 12:34pm by Police Detective Steve Sawyer

Mission: The Admiral's Daughter
Location: Onyx Hotel Lobby
Timeline: MD-02

Annie had to keep adjusting her babydoll dress as she and Steve made their way, hand in hand, through the lobby of the Onyx. She was beginning to doubt MacKenzie’s assistance in figuring out how to play up her role in the operation. Steve had noticed from his previous dealings with major crime syndicates that these type of men who worked in skin trading loved their women young and dumb. If they were going to try to weasel their way in to him, that’s exactly what Annie needed to be: young, dumb, and insanely flirtatious.

The outfits were fairly easy to come up with. Short dresses, revealing dresses, bright colors… things Annie wouldn’t be caught dead in outside of a job. Though she did find a bit of appeal in the play portion of it. She got to take a break from her own bullshit and pretend to be someone she would never be.

For their entrance, and because it was hotter than Hades out there, the woman settled on an incredibly short playful white and yellow checkered babydoll dress, towering matching wedged heels, and a fun wide-brimmed hat. Her eyes were light on the black eyeliner to leave the bright red lipstick on her lips as the main attraction.

“Those pictures absolutely don’t do this place justice…” Annie whispered to Steve. “Totally reeks of money laundering.”

"Speaking of reeks...I hadn't realised you were going to go so overboard on the perfume. You're meant to seduce these people, not gas them..." Steve remarked, trying to inject some humor into the situation to allay the pre-operation nerves. "Just remember your part is to look pretty and let me do the talking." He glanced down at her. "I mean that, by the way. No matter what's happening or what they say, don't break character once we're in front of them."

Annie gave him an airy delicate giggle, something she had been working on to emphasize the ditzy personality. "Of course, babe!" She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek as they got closer to the reception desk. It was time to start their facade.

The blonde receptionist, appearing to have recovered from the previous day's incident, stood alluringly behind the counter. Her usual uniform of a white deep dress shirt and short pencil skirt shone brightly for her new customers. As soon as she had heard the clicking on Annie's heels she raised her eyes and widened her smile a bit more. "Welcome to the beautiful Onyx Hotel & Resort. Do you have a reservation with us?"

"McQueen," Steve replied, a sly grin crossing his face. He had no idea if the young woman behind the counter would get the reference, but his love of old cars and movies was a veritable well of aliases and pseudonyms. "I believe it's the deluxe suite," he added. "Oh, and I wonder if I could have a moment of the owner's time? Perhaps you could put something in the diary for me." He flashed a charming smile at her.

The woman chewed on her lower lip a bit. Another young good-looking man was checking in, and another one with money. This must have been the female workers' lucky week. "I'm sure Mr. Cross would be pleased to speak with one of his guests." She began typing out a message to him. "What is this in regards to?"

"Tell him..." he looked over at Annie, deliberately and with flourish. "I have a product that I'm interested in selling. For a discerning buyer such as himself." He managed to keep it cryptic but sound cool. He toyed with a strand of Annie's hair for added effect, making it a little more clear what he was referring to.

The woman subtly raised her eyebrow as she looked over at Annie up and down and gave them a knowing smile. "I believe Mr. Cross would be very interested. He is in a meeting right now. I'll contact your room and let you know when he is available."

As Annie felt a strange pleasure in being considered someone on the beautiful woman's level, she gave her a wide smile in return and turned around to soak in a bit more of the grand lobby. This wouldn't be a good place for anyone to connect a more underground meeting area. It would be too obvious. She and Steve needed to give themselves a tour once they settled in their room. She headed towards the east hallway more out of curiosity than anything. The woman halted as the sound of a door opening echoed from next to her and turned towards the towering figure standing through the open doorway.

There he was. Adam Cross. And he was staring right back at her.

After a brief moment of hesitation from the surprise of seeing the man right away, and feeling of the stone cold grey eyes locking onto her, Annie's lips broke into a warm innocent smile. He was far better looking than his mug shot. She could see how he would be able to wrangle in the girls to his business.

Adam returned her smile, his eyes relaxing and dilating from the sight in front of him. This unknown woman who was standing in front of him was stunning. He needed to get to know her, and fast. His lips twitched up into a mischievous smirk. "Can I help you with something?"

She paused, remembering Steve's request to let him do the talking. But she couldn't blow him off. As long as it was only small talk she should be fine. "Oh!" Annie's voice went up slightly, adding in a bit more girlish flair to her cover. She had to pretend she was a bit too distracted by him and his incredibly muscular body, though that was much easier than she thought it was going to be. "I was just looking around. This place is awesome..."

Adam let out a light chuckle as he began to close the gap between them. "Are you staying here?"

She shook her head quickly. "Oh, yes! Just checking in." She gestured quickly towards Steve and the receptionist. "Deluxe sweet. If it's anything like this hallway I think we may be moving here!" She giggled loudly and clumsily.

"We? As in husband?" Adam's eyebrow raised. He needed to know the answer before he went any further due to personal preferences.

"No! No no..." Annie began fingering her hair as she leaned to one side. "He's my, uh..." She had to dig for a word that wouldn't be too obvious but also wouldn't close the opportunity for her to be able to talk to him in the future. "I guess you could say, my boyfriend?"

He couldn't help but laugh at this woman. She was full of this fun energy. He needed to get his hands on her.

The receptionist, who had been checking in Steve and finding every opportunity to show off a bit of her cleavage to him, looked up at the sound of her boss's engaging and warm voice. "Always a pleasure to see you, Mr. Cross."

Adam gave the woman his usual wink and then turned back to Annie. "What's your name, sweetheart?"

Annie's eyes brightened. "Oh, I'm Layla." She had dug around name ideas and came upon this from one of her favorite songs. It also sounded like it would fit a bimbo former prostitute very well. She slowly moved her fingers down to her hemline and tugged it down a bit.

"Mr. Cross," the receptionist jumped in, "Mr. McQueen actually wanted to speak with you. Do you have a moment to spare?"

Adam took his time moving his gaze from Annie over to Steve. He was rather busy working on his project but he felt a pull towards the woman. If it meant sparing some time away from his work, which was an incredibly rare occasion and said a lot about his attraction to the stranger, in order to keep talking to her he would. "I think I will be able to manage. Please tell Dr. Schröder I will be delayed."

Steve made an instant mental note of the name, moving forward and extending a hand. "Mr Cross, good to make your acquaintance. Steve McQueen. Some associates of mine referred me to your wonderful hotel. Your hospitality is said to be exceedingly...generous."

Adam firmly grasped his hand, feeling a bit prideful that the good reputation of his business was still spreading. "I always aim to please, Mr. McQueen." He gave Annie a wink. "Please," he gestured towards the door he just came out of, "have a seat in my office." He then looked over to the receptionist. "Make sure their luggage is taken to their room and set up for them"

"Yes, Mr. Cross," she replied back.

Annie gave him a slight curtsey in thanks and lead the way into the office. Her skirt started riding up a bit but she decided to leave it be.

Adam's eyes drifted down her backside and he let out a quiet hiss in arousal. He didn't care if Steve heard him. With the way the Steve looked at her, he probably would have done the same thing. As they entered the pristine white room filled with black furniture, Adam leaned back against his desk and faced the two chairs set out for Annie and Steve. His smirk never left his lips. "I hope my business has exceeded your expectations and my reputation with your... associates. Though this is only the tip of the iceberg."

"I can only imagine," Steve smirked, slouching back casually as he openly looked around the working space. "If your products are of the same standard as your hotel, I think the prospect of doing business is looking very good indeed." He grinned, letting himself appear overconfident and cocksure. He leaned forward a little. "What do you think of our product?" he asked, indicating Annie.

Annie crossed her legs in the chair, letting her skirt ride up even further, as she gave him her most sultry smile.

Adam ran his eyes once again over Annie's smooth muscular legs and imagined what they would feel like against his skin. He then turned to Steve. "If all of your women look like your girlfriend I think I would need to expand the number of hotel rooms to make room for new clients." Adam was always looking for opportunities to earn more money. It was one of his downfalls. He stood up a bit straighter in a dire need to adjust. "I'll tell you what. Meet me at my club on the west side of the hotel. We'll drink and talk further. I'll have you meet some of my girls as well. We can... get to know each other a bit better." Adam had gotten a good vibe from Steve. He was relaxed around him and confident in being so bold to offer a lucrative partnership immediately, especially with a man with a reputation like his. Adam gave him an open offer but was going to have to dig a bit deeper before anything was solidified.

"That's what I like to hear," Steve grinned. "I can't wait to see what else you have to offer. And I can't wait to show you what I can give you."

Adam nodded as his gaze moved back to Annie. "I look forward to it. In the meantime, I hope you make use of what my resort has to offer. Full gym, sparkling pool..." His lips tilted up at the thought of seeing Steve's woman in a bikini. "If you have any concerns, feel free to contact the front desk and ask for me."

"Music to my ears." Steve stood. "Layla, honey? Why don't you thank Mr Cross for his hospitality?"

Annie stood up quickly and gave him a slight curtsy and raised her eyes to meet with his. Her tongue swept lightly over her cherry red lips. “Thank you, Mr. Cross,” she stated slowly and deliberately.

Adam’s body clenched in anticipation of seeing the woman again. “It’s my pleasure, Sweetheart. I’ll see you tonight.”


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