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Posted on 02 Aug 2018 @ 4:29am by Commander Amaya Lance

Mission: Character Development
Location: Archie's Quarters

"...I've never even been to a baby shower before, Archie. Now I'm suppose to organise one? In and amongst a major search-and-rescue mission and the daily grind of running a starbase?" Amaya's protests eventually fell silent. She looked over at her friend, sat on a comfortable chair. Archie was starting to show, though it would be some time before things really changed. It was equally terrifying and exciting, the thought of her friends as parents for the first time. "I mean...of course I want to do it. I just...have no idea what I'm doing."

Archie rolled her eyes. "I'm not the one who wanted this. Blame Paul's mom for it!" She let out a laugh. "It doesn't have to be now in the middle of the crap we're working on. I just wanted to let you know that she will be contacting you in the somewhat near future to throw something together. If I was planning my own baby shower it would either not happen or it would just be my brothers coming over with as much beer as they can smuggle on here and wreak havoc on the base. So it's your choice if you want your base and the women serving on it to stay in one piece."

"I know which I'd prefer," Amaya giggled. "I get it. And you know that since we didn't get to give you a bachelorette party we need to make a bit of a fuss of you. So I'm thinking baby pink streamers, lots of balloons..."

Archie playfully punched her in the arm. "Any pink and I will personally strangle you with said pink streamers. It would not be a good way to go." She took a drink from her glass and let out a sigh. "You know me... no fuss. Music, friends, and my crazy mother-in-law. And don't even bother with trying to invite my mother. You'll more than likely only get as far as her personal assistant who is pretty terrible at passing messages along. I'm still waiting for my mom to get back to me about my high school graduation."

"C'mon, Archie, you're having a baby. Surely she'd be interested to get to know her grandchild?" Amaya inquired. It surprised her that Archie and her mother weren't particularly close. "Besides which, fuss kinda goes with the point of having a baby shower."

Archie gave her a shrug. "If she wasn't into me and my brothers, there's a high probability she's not going to be interested in Cooper. And he's far better off thinking they're dead than knowing they don't care." Her eyes watered a bit just thinking about it. She had accepted that fact long ago but ever since she had gotten pregnant she couldn't help but feel the occasional sting of unfairness that her parents discarded her. It was the hormones. At least that's what she kept telling herself. "I'm sorry..." She quickly blinked her eyes to dry out the tears before Amaya gave her a hard time. "Anyway, booze must be available because you guys will probably need it."

Amaya smiled reassuringly. "I'm sure we can make up for it. Besides, I have no idea what Paul's mom will be like, that might make things interesting when she meets everyone else." She shrugged. "Anyone else you think we should invite along? Obviously the girls from the department, but anyone else?"

"She's actually really nice. Tells you like it is so sometimes can feel like she can be overwhelming. In the process of playing catch up after they arrived here one of the first questions she asked was, 'So, did that brother of yours ever get his rash cleared up from that harlot he brought to their party six years ago?'" Archie's smile widened as she shook her head. "A mother to all, for sure... if you want to make it just the girls that's fine. If you want to make things interesting for yourself you can invite the boys."

"Are you kidding? No boys allowed, as far as I'm concerned," Amaya smirked. "How else can we girls let our hair down? Besides, if we invite the boys then we'd have to invite Paul, and Richard, and Matt...and goodness knows who else." She gave a light stamp of her heel to emphasise her point. "Though it worries me that with us all together there's nobody babysitting them."

Archie scoffed. "Pfft. More like the other way around. They'd probably be bored out of their minds because they won't be able to go and pick up on chicks at the bar. Worst thing that could happen would be Richard ending up in the Promenade in his underwear again." Her eyes widened slightly. "Oh God, Cooper is going to be a lost cause and he's not even born yet..."

"He'll have the ladies eating out of his palm before he's even out of the infirmary," Amaya nodded, sharing her pain. "But I wouldn't worry so much about Richard. I think he knows better than to do that on my station. He'd be sleeping on the couch for a week."

Letting out a snort, Archie realized Amaya either wasn't paying attention or didn't actually know about the real shenanigans the woman's boyfriend have been up to with her husband. And to spare Richard the embarrassment Archie kept her lips sealed and quickly changed the subject. "Ok, guest list: Paul's mom... Annie and Sully, of course... Caroline, Rebecca, Rebecca's new girlfriend because I actually like her... anyone else you want to come? As long as they're not a buzzkill I'm pretty much down for the more the merrier."

"My opinion? Butter up the doctor, maybe. She's the one helping you deliver, after all," Amaya replied. "How well do you know the other senior staff on the starbase?"

Archie raised her eyebrow at her. "Senior Staff? Aren't the rest of the Senior Staff men?" Her lips tipped up. "And I thought you wanted this to be a no boys allowed soiree..."

Amaya shrugged. "Lieutenant Kessler? Ensign Vahlen?" They were outside bets, but it was Archie's choice really. No sense getting political.

“Ensign Vahlen?” She thought for a moment in an effort to place the face to the name. “Wait, isn’t she the one who tried to get Matt into trouble after he tried to talk to her at Rebecca’s party?”

Amaya cringed a fraction. "She's...young. A little impressionable. The poor girl was homeschooled back on Bajor by a Vedek. Then she went off to the Academy..." she sighed. "I was hoping that she might learn to loosen-up a little once she spread her wings. Thankfully Matt's not a complete idiot and nothing bad happened." She shook her head. "The girl just needs looking after a little. Someone to teach her the ropes. I mean, don't think she needs to come to the party, but if she sees other girls relaxing and having fun..."

“No no, it’s fine. Of course she can come. Sully is a rather understanding woman. No hard feelings against the kid or anything.” Archie then gave her a nod. “You’re the one who’s stuck helping with planning the whole thing so the least I can do for you is let you make the guest list. As long as everyone has alcohol they’ll be happy.”

"Except you," Amaya winked. "We'll have to keep you entertained in other ways. Maybe we should see if we can get hold of some pictures of you as a little girl..." she teased.

Archie let off another eye roll. "My parents haven't returned one of my calls since I was 13. What makes you think they have pictures of me as a kid? Nothing from my shit-hole of a childhood. I'm starting fresh with this kid."

"You didn't turn out so bad..." Amaya said softly. "And you're going to be a great mom, especially with Paul there for you and all the rest of us." She smiled. "I'm really happy for you guys."

Archie smirked. "At least I know how to not be a terrible parent. I've got two prime examples of that. And you guys all have been just amazing. We've got ourselves one hell of a family here."

"I like that," Amaya smiled. "So...about those pink streamers..."


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