Obsidian Command
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Posted on 30 Jul 2018 @ 2:07am by Police Detective Steve Sawyer & Civilian Ivy Rellik

Mission: Character Development
Location: Obsidian Command

Ivy had done what many do when they want to forget things and make it all go away, at least temporarily... she'd hit the bar. While it wasn't something she usually did, the news she'd just read and not being able to talk to anyone about it had done more to her mental state of mind then she'd care to admit. Downing a shot of tequila while she waited for her margherita, she couldn't help but to be mad at Annie, did the woman have no understanding of people? You don't just drop news in someone's lap and walk off. Unless of course you where a heartless bitch, and clearly that woman was.

A nod to the bartender as he brought her drink to her, and of course did what most bartenders do when they wanted to push for a better tip. He tried to flirt, a subtle wave of her hand sent him off to try his luck with the next woman at the bar. A soft sigh as she took another drink and listened to the loud dance music.

"Do you want to know how many bars I tried before I found you?" a voice behind her asked. Steve slid onto the chair next to her at the table. "Annie said something about you needing a drink. And that someone should keep you from doing something stupid." He leaned over the table. "Was she right?"

Ivy couldn't help the soft inward sigh, great.. what else had she told him? Probably that she was some jealous woman who felt the need to make Annie's life miserable. Taking a drink, she glanced over to him slightly before giving a little shrug. "I don't know, the night is young." An odd hint of shyness catching her now.

He smiled and relaxed a little. "That it is." He motioned to the barkeep for a drink. "She was worried about you, you know. She wouldn't have said anything to me otherwise. All this talk about Alex...Thomas...whoever he was, it seems to have affected a lot of people."

"The killer is, there really wasn't a relationship between us. Their was just something about him that drew a person to him. I suppose, being the type of person he was, and being into the things he was, he needed to be able to fool people." She took another drink. "And if Annie was so worried about how the news would effect me, she sure had a screwed up way of telling me about it."

"Try to look at it from her perspective: she did have a relationship. It might be really hard for her to deal with that at the moment." Relationships were tough, he reminded himself, particularly when they ended. "While I can help Annie cope by throwing her into work, I imagine you might need a different coping mechanism." He eyed her now-empty glass and made a point of sliding it away from her.

Her gaze rested upon Steve, watching him with a little smirk. "And what did you have in mind?" Ivy asked almost playfully, the alcohol causing her thoughts to bounce around a little in her mind. Yet there was still something that kept lingering to the front of her thoughts, but was she brave enough to ask? Her lower lip suddenly caught lightly between her teeth.

A slight smile crossed his face.

"Well, it would be rude of me to take advantage of someone who's at least five drinks ahead of me," he explained, offering her his hand. "Why don't we go for a walk? You can show me some more of the station."

"Okay, and can I ask you a question without seeming like a crazy person?" Ivy said as she slipped her hand into his and stood up. Of course, that caused her to wobble a little now as those drinks seemed to suddenly catch up with her. Great, now she was going to look like a crazy person, not just sound like one!

He put his arm around her waist, holding her steady. A sort-of accident that she ended up virtually in his arms. "At this point, I think you're doing fine," he replied with a slight grin. "Ask away," he added, guiding her towards the door.

Ivy walked, if you could call it that, with Steve. Yep, she was going to pay for this night when she woke up, but for now she had a bit of that liquid courage going on. "You and.... you and Annie..... their ain't nothin there, is there? That guy was just tryin to stir up shit, wasn't he?"

"Annie's my partner," he explained gently. "We have to be close professionally, of course. But romantically? She's a little young for me. More like a little sister, really." He held her upright as they found themselves outside the bar. "So in answer to your question," his eyes glinted. "I'm as single as they come, if you wanted to try your luck."

Her gaze caught his now with a slight tilt of her head, perhaps studying him a little before she smiled. Her mind swirling with thoughts and emotions about everything that had gone on tonight. Their had been something that had drawn her to him, what... she didn't know. "Lady luck doesn't always smile down on me, but maybe this time will be different."

"You and me both," he noted. "Why don't I walk you home?"

"I would like that." Ivy said with a smile as she walked with him, trying to remember to put one front in front of the other so she wouldn't topple into him. Not like that was a bad thing, but so far she'd fallen at his feet way too often it seemed like. Of course she couldn't help but to chuckle softly as she realized that.

He clasped her hand in his, sensing her instability but allowing her a little dignity to make the attempt herself. He was quite prepared to catch her if it came to it.

After a short walk they reached Ivy's quarters, tucked-away from prying eyes, it seemed. There certainly wasn't anyone around, at least. "Do you think you can manage?" he asked her, indicating the door.

The walk had helped some, and she'd managed to do it without puking! She'd liked her little tucked away quarters, gave her the chance to enjoy the peace and quiet. A hand lifted to press against the door panel, bringing the door to open. "Yep, I can manage." Ivy replied. "Dinner tomorrow? I promise I won't be quiet so.... buzzed."

"All right, dinner. Perhaps we can catch each other a little more at our best," he grinned.

She leaned in and brushed a soft kiss to his cheek. "Thank you" Ivy said softly with a smile as she looked within his eyes. "I'll see you tomorrow."


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