Obsidian Command
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Didn't Get Too Far, Huh?

Posted on 16 Jul 2018 @ 11:42pm by

Mission: Character Development
Location: Sector 29 Promenade

Paul knew when he signed off the transfer he wasn’t going to regret giving her the ok. But as he and Sully walked through the Sector 29 Promenade, MacKenzie’s new stomping grounds, there was a twinge of hope that the woman was adjusting well. It had been only a few days since she made the bold move in order to finally be with Matt and she seemed to be adjusting as well as she could in the short amount of time she had been there.

It was like night and day between the two sectors. Sector 1, where MacKenzie had worked for the past three years, was like the Garden of Eden compared to the dark hollowness of Sector 29. The rundown businesses attracted the not-so-amiable citizens like cockroaches to this part of the base, usually run out of Sector 1 by patrol. MacKenzie didn’t seem to mind the new environment; in fact, she welcomed it with open arms. She seemed to be getting rather bored with the pristine walls of her old stomping grounds.

“Everything is so different here…” MacKenzie shrugged as she and Paul walked down the somewhat desolate Promenade. “Even the officers carry themselves differently here. Like, my guys are so ominous. Maybe because this is where most of our Undesirables reside and do their ‘business’... they’re more likely seeing the bad parts of humanoids more than the good parts.” She took a drink from the coffee cup Paul had brought her.

Paul nodded. Her argument made sense. Because the air was different, his officers who worked in this area were going to be affected by it. “Are they more proactive or does the negative energy change how they view their work?”

MacKenzie looked over at Paul and shook her head vigorously. “Not at all. These officers are the cowboys of the department. They actually want to work here. They love the thrill of the chase and the combat. I guess you could say they’re the bad boys of the FCPD compared to the Sector 1 goofballs.” She gave Paul a playful wink.

Paul laughed and took a drink from his own cup. “Well, you seem to be adjusting alright…”

She let out a sigh. “Just takes getting used to. Overall I think this was the right decision for me…” MacKenzie’s voice trailed off as she heard the muffled echoes of a distant scuffle. The pair looked at each other, tossed out their coffee mugs, and ran towards the growing commotion. A final punch was followed by a growing silence as footsteps began running towards the pair.

=/\= All Units...=/\= The slightly bored voice called out to the Sector 29 officers, =/\= Assault and possible theft in the Promenade in front of the El-Aurian Jewelers. The suspect fled the scene carrying the possible victim’s bag. He is a light-complected human male, tall, heavy build, light hair, wearing a grey long-sleeved shirt, black pants…=/\=

“FCPD!” MacKenzie announced herself to whoever owned the footsteps. At this point, they could’ve belonged to whoever.

A tall, chunky man was moving quickly, then halted as he came eye-to-eye with MacKenzie and Paul. This was him, the possible assault and robbery suspect. There was a standoff as the man clenched the possibly stolen bag in his fist.

“Hands up!” Paul called out to him from behind MacKenzie. His own hand was resting on his phaser as he stood off to the side a bit and waited for the man to make the first move.

MacKenzie readied herself in the same fashion, placing a loose grip on her own phaser as she continued to read into the man’s body language. It felt like time had stood still as she locked eyes with the stranger. She began processing the bleeding scratches on his hands and the tear to his grey sleeve. No visible weapons… “Get down on the ground!” MacKenzie yelled out to him.

After a pause and a quick breath from him, the suspect turned sharply to flee from MacKenzie and Paul. However, his mind had reacted quicker than his body and his feet became tangled up underneath him. His hopeful quick getaway and foot pursuit ended abruptly in a highly embarrassing and ego-busting trip onto the floor and subsequent rug burns from the dark grey carpet on his right cheek.

Without giving themselves time to react just yet, MacKenzie and Paul just as quickly grabbed hold of the suspect and pinned him to the ground.

“Didn’t get too far, huh, Big Guy?” MacKenzie let out humorously as she hooked up the suspect’s hands behind his back.

Paul finally let out a laugh as he helped MacKenzie lift the man up and secure him on his feet. “Might want to take a few dance lessons before you try a turn like that.”

By this point, the rest of the Sector 29 officers had come to secure the scene and check on the victim. Officers Sato and Howard made their way over to MacKenzie and Paul with Sato looking especially disappointed with missing the trap of the suspect.

“Commander, Sarge…” They acknowledged both of them before Howard piped up to continue their official business. “Victim was assaulted by a man matching this description. Minor injuries and he is highly interested in filing a report with the department.”

MacKenzie smiled. “Excellent.” She looked over at the perp’s beat-up face. “We are gonna be taking a quick walk to our lovely Brig. And make sure you pick your feet up.”

Paul read Sato’s saddened officer’s let-down eyes as MacKenzie and Howard lead the way down the Promenade, then gave him a smile. “Don’t worry. The catch wasn’t that epic.” He waited until the suspect was out of earshot. “Dumbass tripped over his own goddamn feet trying to bolt from us…”

Sato let out a laugh, still disappointed with missing out on seeing the amusing event unravel. “We always catch the bad ones, don’t we?”


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