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Lesbihonest Here...

Posted on 15 Jul 2018 @ 3:23am by Civilian Rebecca Sharpe

Mission: Character Development


Rebecca laid back on her bed listening to music, her mind attempting to come to terms with the events of the past few days. Her experience with that Klingon marine whose name she'd forgotten, had really opened her eyes to adulthood. The biggest shock had been how well her family had taken the news of what'd happened. She'd been convinced that Richard would've gone totally postal, but he'd been really good about it.

That was part of her confusion, given how protective he and everyone else had been over her and Caz. She wondered if they simply didn't care, but that couldn't be true at all. No, it had been obvious from Paul and Matt's body-language that they'd expected Richard to attempt to go mental, but he simply hadn't. Why?

The truth was that she didn't know, and there was no way he didn't care about her anymore. He'd accepted it as something he couldn't change, and had been rational about it. Maybe his treatment had been more of a success than anyone had realised?

This left Rebecca dwelling over what had happened. Over the past day or so flashes of her night had come back to her. At this point, she had a very good picture now of what had gone on, and this had left her even more confused than she had before. She appreciated it had been her first time, and with a Klingon no less, but she'd found the whole thing very distasteful.

Realising there really was only one person she could talk to about this, she asked Hannah to pop over for a visit. Of everyone in her life, not only was Hannah her Best Friend, but she'd been through the exact same evening with her. It'd be easy to talk to her about it all. She was also the one person in the universe she trusted completely.

Hannah arrived and the two embraced, happy to see each other, and settled down on the couch with some cokes and chips.

"So, what's up Bex?" Hannah asked.

"You know the other night..." Rebecca started, sipping her coke through a straw. "...you given it any thought at all?"

"Some." Hannah admitted. "But clearly not as much as you. At least your family took it well. My dad flipped out."

"Over what?!" Rebecca asked.

"I think it was mostly over how it all went down and what happened." Hannah said, munching on a potato chip. "Dad still sees me as his little princess, so got a little protective. Mum stepped in, calmed him down."

"Well, that's something at least." Rebecca said. "I'm still trying to figure out why Richard was so calm and understanding..."

"He's not your dad, and he knows that." Hannah said, smiling at Rebecca. "He's your big brother, and whilst he's protective, he knows he's still your favourite."

"Yeah... maybe..." Rebecca said, nipping on her bottom lip. "Personally, I think the funny farm straightened him out. You weren't there when he wigged out over the holo-boys."

"No... but perhaps having everyone there enabled him to act more restrained. Who knows. Men suck." Hannah laughed, and grabbed some more chips.

Rebecca giggled and took another sip of coke. "Talking of... how did you find it?"

"Find what?" Hannah asked, looking innocent.

"Oh, don't play me Hannah Wells. You know exactly what I mean!" Rebecca pouted.

"Eh, I don't think it lived up to the hype." Hannah replied, sipping her own coke. "All the girls talk about how great the 'D' must be, and how they want it all the time. Me? I found it very 'meh'. I would imagine that a Klingon 'D' is more substantial than most, but all it did was hurt. You know, I still can't poop right?"

Rebecca spat out her coke she'd been sipping. "Hannah!" She exclaimed. "TMI!"

"What? It's true, and I bet you're the same." Hannah replied, casually.

"Maybe so, but seriously..." Rebecca chuckled. "I think I feel the same way. When I think of... you know... 'sex' with a guy, I don't feel the same buzz I did before. If I'm honest with myself, I actually didn't like it."

"Oh really?" Hannah asked, looking over her coke glass at her friend. "One experience, and you're done with men?"

"I think its a bit soon to say that." Rebecca answered.

"Hrmph." Hannah replied. "Typical wishy-washy reply."

"Hey! I'm not sure!" Rebecca wailed back.

"So, does that mean you're into girls now?" Hannah asked, taking a sip of her coke.

"I dunno..." Rebecca answered. "I mean, I liked the stuff we did together... felt... good?"

"Oh, I'm glad it felt 'good?'" Hannah rolled her eyes and put her coke glass down, and then took Rebecca's and put it on the coffee table as well. "Lets see how 'good?' it actually feels eh?" She said, as she crawled along the couch to Rebecca.

"Hannah... what're you..." Rebecca asked as Hannah loomed over her. Hannah leaned in and placed a kiss on Rebecca's lips softly, then opened her eyes and looked into Rebecca's green eyes. "Good?" Hannah asked.

"Very..." Rebecca said, smiling, snaking her arms up around Hannah's neck and pulling her in for another deeper soul kiss. After a few moments, they separated and looked at each other. Finally, Hannah smiled at Rebecca. "I think you've pulled, luv."

Rebecca smiled back, then they went back to kissing...


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