Obsidian Command
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About Damn Time

Posted on 14 Jul 2018 @ 1:42am by

Mission: Character Development
Location: Sam's Bar

Matt waited by the crowded bar. His stomach was jumping around all over the place. He could barely contain the drink that he poured down his throat. MacKenzie had left him a cryptic message on his personal computer to meet him at Sam’s Bar at 2300 hours. She had been stuck in a meeting all day and he never got a chance to see her beautiful face. Their relationship had been in limbo since MacKenzie had her heart broken by Towers and things had become increasingly more complicated ever since Paul and Archie got the rain poured down on them for their indiscretion. There was something there but neither of them were capable of trying to define it. It was either out of fear of repercussions or hesitation because of what had happened in the past.

For Matt it was the former; for MacKenzie it was the latter.

MacKenzie normally would make herself at home at his place if she wanted to see him. Tonight was throwing him through a loop. He was practically sweating through his black t-shirt. He kept looking around the room trying to spot her. His eyes darted back and forth until they landed on her baby blues. His heart stopped, his lips curled up into a goofy grin.

There MacKenzie was,her long blonde hair flowing down past her shoulders, leading to a a fitted gold dress that left little to the imagination. She was perfect, as always. The woman could be wearing a potato sack and he would still think she was the most beautiful woman in the quadrant.

Her smile widened as she pushed her way through the crowd in her gold stiletto heels. Her cheeks were flushed with excitement and nerves. She had waited almost too long for this moment. The longer she waited the more likely she would lose the chance she was giving herself. A normal woman would completely disregard Matt as the man she needed to be with. He had abandoned her when things had gotten too serious for him. But that was two years ago.

The Matt who had left her was not the same Matt that was standing at the bar waiting for her right now. Something inside of him had changed. He was still the laid back, funny, outgoing Matt but he had grown up and taken the responsibility of caring for and protecting his officers and, most importantly, his adoptive family. And he was there for her when she needed it the most, even if she had pushed him away. He never gave up on her.

Matt’s jaw had gaped open slightly, not able to form words. She made him speechless. He needed to tell her how stunning she looked, but instead gulped down the rest of the bourbon he had in his glass. He raised his eyebrow when he saw she wasn’t empty-handed. But soon his breath was in his throat as she threw her arms around his neck and landed her soft full lips onto his. His eyes widened and his body stiffened in surprise but soon melted the longer he felt her against him.

After what felt like forever, he pulled himself away from her, his eyebrows high in astonishment. “Wh-Wh-What was that about?” He could barely stammer out.

MacKenzie laughed, pleased with his dumbfounded response. “I did it.”

“Did what?” Matt took the PADD that was stretched out in front of him. In bold writing, the words REQUEST FOR TRANSFER practically yelled out at him. His moment of genuine happiness was suddenly darkened by the word TRANSFER. His entire face fell slowly as he tried to read the words.

MacKenzie shook her head as she noticed his change in demeanor. “Don’t worry. It’s not what you think.”

Matt raised his eyebrow again.

“Yes, I will no longer be working with you. But I’m not going anywhere…” Her lips curled up in a smirk as the bartender handed her a martini glass filled with a purplish-blue beverage.

It finally clicked in his head. The kiss, the transfer… She was transferring to another sector of the base. She was moving to a less glamorous section so they could be together. Forever. This was one hell of a romantic gesture and one he definitely did not deserve. His smile widened again as he looked back down at MacKenzie. “Fuckin’ A, Sully!”

MacKenzie brought the glass up to her lips, her blue eyes brightening against the liquid. “Think you and Rocky have room for one more?”

Matt’s heart had picked up its pace as he let out a playful scoff. “I might have to talk with Rocky first...” He locked eyes with her, feeling the magnetic pull they always had whenever they were in the same room. He was almost frozen from the disbelief of what was playing out in front of him. Was he dreaming? He couldn’t be dreaming…

MacKenzie finally took a drink, downing the entire glass in one sitting. She felt a weight completely lifting off of her shoulders. This was it. She could finally rest easy in his arms.

Matt snapped himself back to reality. He let out a yell and slammed his hand against the bar and finished off his combo by picking MacKenzie off of the ground and landing another sweet passionate kiss on her lips. She felt so good in his arms. Placing her back down on the ground, the pair locked eyes again. Letting out a slight rumble in his chest, Matt reached down to the woman’s legs and threw her over his shoulder. He couldn’t wait a moment longer to take her back to his quarters and make up for lost time.


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