Obsidian Command
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Truth hurts...

Posted on 17 Jul 2018 @ 9:05am by Civilian Ivy Rellik

Mission: Character Development
Location: Ivy's Shop

Annie tried incredibly hard to let it go, but she couldn’t. She was tired of the ignorance that surrounded her. While she may not be able to completely put an end to the rotating rumor mill, but she could at least do her part in taking a spoke out.

With a copy of the official report and photos from her incident with Thomas on the PADD, Annie confidently made her way to Ivy’s shop and dropped the PADD in front of the unsuspecting woman. “Next time you should check your sources. Nothing is what it seems.” And before Ivy could speak, Annie turned and walked towards the Promenade. She then stopped and turned back around. “And if you have any concerns about Steve, you should ask him yourself.” And with that, she turned and walked out of the business.

Ivy couldn't help but to blink and look at the woman, her jaw dropped a little. What the hell, she'd driven Annie absolutely crazy?? Snagging the Padd up, she glanced down at them a moment before "Hey Carol, can you watch the floor for me?" Ivy called as she headed out from behind the counter and out to try and catch up with Annie as she called out. "Annie stop!"

Of course as she did that, an attempt at multi-tasking happened. Her gaze drifting from trying not to walk into anyone as she chased after Annie, back down to the PaDD as she started reading what was on it. Her steps slowing a little as she did so, only to come to a stop at the entrance way of the Promenade with a furrow of brows and a frown.

Alex was... no.. it couldn't be, he was.... but... Then again, she hadn't really gotten to know him overly well, she hadn't had the chance before everything had happened. Leaning against the wall now she stopped thinking about Annie for the time and studied the information she'd been given a little more.

A smirk formed on Annie's lips as she watched the woman process everything. "I'll let you finish that. If you have any questions, you know where to find me." As much as she would have enjoyed seeing the look on her face as she finished the report, she was exhausted and ready to crawl into bed and into Phil's arms. She turned and made her way down into the crowd of the Promenade.

"Yeah.... sure.... " Ivy replied, not even looking to Annie. Although hearing her did bring a pause in the reading she was doing. A quick thought had her sighing softly as she pondered the fact that standing around in the Promenade reading was likely not in her best interest. With a deep calming breath taken, she headed to one of her favorite little cafe's and grabbed a corner table to settle.

Ordering a drink, she waited till the server brought the Java and left her alone. Only then did she settle back in to read the full report... a couple times. Setting the PaDD down, she took a sip before closing her eyes a moment to ponder all that she'd just read, and her relationship with Annie... or lack of one.


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