Obsidian Command
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Bitches Be Crazy

Posted on 13 Jul 2018 @ 4:25pm by Civilian Ivy Rellik

Mission: Character Development
Location: FCPD Office

"That's it!" Ivy blurted out at the monitor before she pushed her chair back. "I need a break." Clearly she did as she realized she was talking to herself now. The latest requested program was doing well to drive her insane having been working on it for hours now, she didn't feel like she was getting anywhere close to the vision the customer had asked for. With a soft sigh, she leaned over and saved her work before rising to head out.

"Don't forget to lock up." Ivy said absentmindedly to Carol passing her behind the counter. It wasn't like she was overly worried about her employee forgetting to do that or any of the close up task, it had been more of a way to let her know she was heading out.

The young woman gave a nod of "of course" before returning her focus on the customer before her.

As she stepped out side of the shop, Ivy gave a slight glance around as she pondered where to go. Originally she'd toyed with the idea of seeing what Steve was up to. But after what she'd been told earlier that idea had gotten scratched. Yet... her feet seemed to have a mind of their own as she headed towards the police area.

Annie hunched over her computer panel as she dug as deep as she could into Freddie’s past. It had already been one of the longest days ever and she felt like she was only just getting started. She wanted to be as armed as she could before meeting with Archie. Steve had gone off to do some pavement pounding of his own, leaving Annie alone in the Detectives’ office with her rock music playing in the background.

As she entered the area, Ivy paused with a slight frown as if asking herself if she really wanted to go though with this. After all, if he was already in a relationship now.... then again, she was just trying to be a friend to him. He was new, perhaps he didn't know tha... Seeing Annie she groaned softly with a shake of her head. 'And there she is...' Ivy thought to herself as she took a couple steps back as if to head on out with a change of mind.

Annie looked up at Ivy’s movement her stomach clenched at the sight of her. Steve had told her about their little bump-in. She didn’t know what he saw in her but had kept her mouth shut to prevent any rifts in their newly developed partnership. She had to play nice even if she wanted to do some other things to her. “Can I help you?” She kept her voice monotone, almost slightly uninterested.

Ivy hesitated, what if the guy was wrong? What if he'd seen her with some other dude? Then again, he claimed he knew Annie well... "I..." She paused a moment, it wasn't like her and Steve was actually in a relationship he was free to see who he wanted. But damn, did this woman need all the men on the Station? "I was looking for Steve." She said shortly, clearly biting back what she really wanted to say.

“He’s out of the office. I’m not sure when he’ll be back.” Annie kept her eyes on Ivy. Her lips tilted up slightly. “I’ll tell him you stopped by.”

"Yeah... I'm sure you will." A hint of sarcasm in her voice as she rolled her eyes. 'Shut up Ivy.... don't say anything more.... just leave it be.' She thought to herself as she eyed the woman a little more.

Annie had turned her attention back to her computer for a few moments, but still felt Ivy's presence in front of her. She looked back up at her. Why was she still here? "Can I help you with something else?"

A furrow of brows happened as she pondered if she should say something, then again... when had she been known for keeping silent about things. Maybe the woman needed to know how she looked to people on the station? With a slight shake of her head, Ivy stepped forwards and spoke softly.

"You know, I don't have proof of anything and if it's true... well, it's your life. But, You might want to know that the rumor mill speaks a lot about you. After all you have been though, and now... supposedly seeing two guys at once." Ivy shrugged a little. "As I said, it's your life though... I just would hate to see anymore guys get hurt over you."

Annie raised her eyebrows at the woman. She really had the guts to come to her and pass judgment and continue to make assumptions about her. Funnily enough, it was Steve who had finally made her realize that people are going to say whatever they want just for the sake of it and because they have nothing else better to do. “Duly noted.”

Annie moved her attention back down to her computer but then realized Ivy needed to be put in her place once and for all. And she didn’t care what Steve was going to say once he found out. “Though I do appreciate you having concerns for the men that I apparently date. That’s the one thing I don’t understand about you and your M.O.…” She paused, looking at Ivy square in her eyes. “You know absolutely nothing about me and my life… in fact, this is actually the longest conversation we’ve ever had together… why, all of a sudden, do you care about the well-being of the men that date me?”

It then dawned on her. Thomas. Or maybe he would still be considered Alex to her. She still couldn’t believe that Annie was defending herself against him and that he wasn’t at all who he portrayed himself to be. Boy, Steve was going to have a whole lot of fun with this woman.

While she wasn't exactly sure what it was about this woman, in life she had come to discover there was always that random few that just seemed to get under one's skin. For her, it seemed to be Annie. Of course, she couldn't help the slight smirk as she listened and watched the other woman's body language. Clearly, she got under her skin also.

"Perhaps, because it seems like we have similar taste in men, and I'm tired of seeing them get hurt." A slight flicker caught her eyes as she thought back to Alex, but now.... after hearing about Annie and Steve... well, she had just been unable to help herself. "But as I said... it's your life, enjoy it as I plan to do with mine."

An almost sugary sweet smile was given to Annie then. "Have a peachy day." Ivy said before turning and heading out.

Annie’s mouth dropped in both shock and in an attempt to speak before Ivy just up and left the office. That woman was clearly insane and had a lot of personal issues. Ivy, the incredible knockout, was actually jealous of her...

Shaking her head in disbelief, Annie brushed off that very strange encounter and got back to her work. She definitely couldn’t keep this to herself. Actually, she looked quite forward to telling Steve about it.


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