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Post-Match Analysis

Posted on 12 Jul 2018 @ 8:56am by Civilian Phillip Sharpe

Mission: Character Development
Location: Phil's Quarters

Annie couldn't, or wouldn't, go back to her quarters alone. She felt like she had just ridden on a rollercoaster. After the close call with her nefarious cousin and Steve's slight admonishment for how she handled the whole thing, she was feeling incredibly defeated. She couldn't seem to catch a break from anyone anywhere.

She had changed out of that wickedly uncomfortable outfit and into her civilian jeans and fitted t-shirt and threw her hair back up into its usual bun before she stood in front of Phil's quarters waiting for him to let her in.

It had been an incredibly long day at the office. They were now fully set up and operating at full capacity, and they were busy. The amount of orders and contracts had far exceeded expectations, so Phil had been ordering new ships to help with the surplus orders. His original fleet of fifty-five ships had now expanded to one hundred and eighteen, with fifty new ships on order from various yards. They were trying to recruit new crews as well.

He'd been home about twenty minutes, having changed into jeans and t-shirt, and then collapsed back on the couch to watch some entertainment. When he heard the door chime, he wasn't sure who it was liable to be. He rolled off the couch and padded over to the door in bare-feet, and opened it, somewhat surprised and pleased to see Annie there.

"Well, hello there gorgeous." He said, smiling. He then took note of her expression and lowered his own enthusiasm slightly. "Rough day?"

"Did I forget to tell you that along with losing two ex-boyfriends, one by my hands, my uncle and cousin are connected with a major criminal syndicate?" Annie's lips remained straight as an arrow as she looked Phil straight in his eyes.

"Well, you do have a colourful life, don't you?" He replied, stepping aside to gesture for her to come into the room. Something told him that this wasn't a conversation to be held in the corridor of the civilian habitat ring. "At least you're not boring." He added, as she crossed the threshold and the doors closed.

Annie turned back to him with the same deadpan look. This wasn't a joking matter to her, at least not yet. "Steve and I were doing some recon for a case that just landed on my lap and, lo and behold, there's my cousin who I haven't seen since my brother's funeral!" She fell onto the couch, letting out a long sigh. "At least he still thinks I'm a Fischer... and the group he runs with doesn't touch law enforcement... but Steve got mad at me anyway for something out of my control when my cousin came up and started talking to us..."

Phil looked a little bewildered at all the information he was being presented with. "Maybe it'd be best if you started from the beginning, because I'm afraid I've no idea what's going on." He admitted, sitting down on the couch next to her. "So, you used to be named something else in your past? Your cousin is a gangster? You were on an investigation and your cousin spoke to you? Steve told you off for that?"

Annie gave him a crooked smile. "Sorry..." She took another breath to try to calm her racing mind before she produced more word vomit. "So, chronologically, my uncle on my mother's side and cousin are a part of the Earth Sicilian syndicate that expanded a few centuries ago once Earth became Warp capable. Illegal smuggling, mostly weapons. I last spoke with them at my brother's funeral and I had to prove to the Police Academy that I had absolutely no connection with them. Next, I changed my last name after my parents didn't show up to my Police Academy graduation after I invited them. We have been on unspeaking terms ever since I left. Third, there is a new drug case that popped up that Steve and I were doing some recon for it at one of the seedier clubs on the base. My cousin happened to be there and approached us. He called me Annie Fischer, and I didn't correct him. So it's obvious he doesn't know that I'm a cop. But Steve freaked out and said that something bad could've happened when there was absolutely zero indication of that."

Phil nodded as he listened. "Well, I'm not a professional cop by any means. I'm just a business-man." He replied. "So I've no idea why Steve might've freaked out over it. However, he is an experienced detective as you've told me - so he must know something that you don't. Again, I've no experience here, so I'm guessing. I know you're not a rookie cop, but maybe he has your best interests in mind? Either that, or he thinks your cousin finding you may compromise your case?"

“I don’t know...” Annie looked down at her fidgety hands. “Maybe it was just a chance encounter with him. But Steve just made me feel like he didn’t trust me. And that’s probably the worst feeling for me right now. I’m tired of having to prove myself to everyone...”

Phil nodded and took her hands in his. "I understand that it feels bad." He said, looking into her eyes. "But this Steve guy has only just met you, and doesn't know you as well as everyone else. If Archie didn't trust you, she wouldn't have made you a detective, and she wouldn't have put you on this case. Steve just needs to get to know what you're capable of, that's all. Probably being a tad over-protective, but I don't mind that so much. Means he cares what happens to you, and I'd rather someone like that was watching your back. You've gone through enough - and I'd hate to see you suffer more."

Annie finally picked her face back up and gave Phil a half-smile. "I know he means well... just the way he handled it was a little off-putting. I did my best in what could have turned into an incredibly sticky situation and it just made me feel like he would've gotten mad at me no matter how I handled it. It's like being back at the Academy where every decision I make is between a rock and a hard place. But we'll see what Archie says when we talk to her about what happened..." She paused, letting off a small chuckle." I'm surprised you haven't run away yet. I'm like a walking ball of chaos."

"Eh, you make life interesting." He smiled. "It's never a dull moment with you - plus, you're easy on the eyes, which always helps." He teased her.

Annie let off a playful scoff. "I guess I should just follow my alternate universe persona and become a stripper or something..."

"Well, only if its just for me, and if its in private." He replied, giving her a wink. "No objections to that at all."

Giving him a roll of the eyes and a nudge on his shoulder, Annie slumped back into the couch. "You surprisingly helped cheer me up by being a big doof."

"Then I consider my job done." He said, and smiled at her. "Care for some dinner and or something to drink?" He asked. "I bet you're dead tired, and would rather enjoy someone waiting on you hand and foot."

Annie laughed as she stood up from the couch. "Clearly you don't know me well enough. I'm not a damsel-in-distress type like maybe some of the other women you've been with. I don't need someone to take care of me." She gave him a wink as she headed over to his kitchen.

"You know, some men actually enjoy pampering the hell out of their girlfriends?" Phil stated as he followed her into the kitchen. "Did you consider that I may want to spoil you, and treat you like a princess? Hmm?"

Annie defiantly put her hands on her hips and puffed up her chest. "Did you consider that not only am I a police officer and I play with guns for fun?" Her lips formed into a mischievous smirk. "I am no princess, and you're with the wrong person if that's what you're looking for."

"Never said you were a princess, just that I might like to spoil you a lil' bit every now and again." He countered, smirking back. "You don't have to be a tough guy around me you know, I already know you're harder than Duranium."

She gave him a shrug. “So you’re just gonna sit there or are you going to try to chip away?”

Phil walked over to her and wrapped his arms around the slightly smaller female, so that they were linked in the small of her back. He looked down into her eyes and smiled. "I think chipping away sounds like something I'd like to try." He said, and planted a kiss on her lips.

Annie had been so wound up from everything, including unintentionally trying to push Phil away. As she felt his lips press against hers, she couldn’t help but melt in his arms a bit. But not too much, or else she feared completely losing herself with someone she shouldn’t. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled herself away from him slightly after what felt like forever. “I think I may be able to get used to this...”

"I certainly hope so." Phil remarked, smiling at her. "I'm going to be doing it an awful lot." He leaned back in for another kiss, the thoughts of food long forgotten...


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