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Telling the Family

Posted on 10 Jul 2018 @ 5:42am by Lieutenant Colonel Richard Sharpe & Civilian Rebecca Sharpe & Civilian Phillip Sharpe

Mission: Character Development


Rebecca had sent a message to Richard, Paul, Matt, Caroline, and Phil that she needed to talk to all of them, and arranged for them to meet in Richard's quarters - since this was where he was supposed to be as part of his bail conditions. The group gathered at the agreed time, a little perplexed as to why they were being brought together.

Rebecca arrived with Archie, looking very sheepish and scared. She was still in the garb that she'd started the day in - which was a little uncharacteristic of her. Somehow, she felt the need to be as unappealing as possible right now. Perhaps if she didn't stand out, no one would notice her?

Richard, being the somewhat doting older brother he could be at times, was rather concerned. First the summons, then her appearance. Why was she scared of them? "Bexie, what's wrong?" He asked.

Rebecca looked to Richard, but said nothing, and looked back to Archie.

Archie gave her a reassuring nod. She was right next to her and would be ready for whatever happened. She was actually unsure what would happen. She knew Paul and Matt were a hit or miss, especially with the details of the circumstance. But Richard was a different story...

Paul and Matt stood up behind the couch where Richard was sitting. They were more concerned than fearful of why she wanted them all here. They waited patiently for the explanation, not wanting to jump over Richard if something bad happened.

Rebecca swallowed and tried to be brave. "I asked you all here, because I wanted you to hear about what happened from me - rather than through the rumour mill that this station has." She said, putting on a calm front. This next bit was going to be hard. She took Archie's hand and held it tight.

Very slowly, she recounted the events of the night before. The bar, the marines, who she went home with, the morning after. She made sure to provide the salient points, without going into the details they didn't need. It was a little easier once she got into the swing of things, and she was glad that the guys appeared to be letting her talk.

"I appreciate that under normal circumstances, what I get up to in my private life is none of your business - but being Richard's sister - and given how everything we do comes back to him anyway, I wanted to make sure you knew the true story - rather than barrack room bragging."

Richard sat on the couch, saying nothing. He just looked at Rebecca, with his arms folded across his chest. He looked across to Phil, who was sat next to him, not saying anything. They both looked at each other for a moment.

Paul was stunned. Not because of the contents of the story, but of the fact that she, Rebecca Sharpe, was actually being open with them. Though the story was rather... interesting... he could see how hard it was for her to talk to them about something so personal. His eyes moved over to Matt, who looked like his head was about to explode.

That son of a bitch. That was the only thought on repeat in Matt's head. Not only did that Klingon take advantage of his unofficial niece, he probably had a say in how much alcohol she consumed before he brought her and her friend home. His jaw was clenched and his teeth ground against each other from the tension of not wanting to run out and find that man and show him what happens when he takes advantage of his family. For the sake of Richard, he kept his hands glued to his hips and away from the phaser on his belt.

Archie looked at all of the men in front of her with solid eyes. "Now, before anything happens, I just want to remind you all the I know none of us, or at least most of us," she drew her eyes to Paul and Matt for emphasis, "may or may not have been on the giving or receiving end of this type of situation..."

"That son of a bitch..." Matt couldn't hold his thoughts in anymore.

Archie smirked from her immediate thought. "Matt, I seem to remember hearing about a certain FCPD Chief's daughter back in your rookie days..."

Richard and Phil couldn't contain themselves anymore, and burst into laughter. They couldn't help themselves as they chuckled away. After a moment, he looked over at his distraught looking sister and gave her a smile. "I bet your morning after was the most awkward thing ever, what with Patrick walking in and all." He said. "I'm proud of you Bexie, it took a lot of guts to tell us all. Especially since you didn't have to."

Rebecca looked poleaxed as she looked at her elder brothers. "Wait, you're not angry?"

"What'd be the point in getting angry?" Phil asked, looking at her. "It'd hardly undo what's happened, and more's to the point, how exactly would it help you?"

"Precisely." Richard said, smiling at her. "If it had been non-consensual, you can bet - bail or not - I'd be going on a rampage around this starbase, and I doubt anyone in this room would stop me. In fact, I think Paul and Matt would be walking beside me."

Paul nodded. "You bet your ass."

"But, whether I like it or not, you are an adult, and you're free to make your own decisions. You got drunk, you went home with someone you just met. I hate to say it, but its the story of youth-turned-adult throughout history. You are not the first, and I doubt very much you'll be the last." Richard continued. "I'll check in with Patrick, make sure our Klingon friend isn't bragging to everyone that he bedded you and Hannah, although if I were him, I would. Threesome with besties? I think that outdoes even you Matt?"

Matt let out the breath that was held tight in his chest with a long slow exhale. Richard and Archie were right. He wasn't exactly innocent of adventurous sex-capades. But it made him sick to think that Rebecca, who was still naive even after her sheltered childhood, could've fallen victim to a situation that could've turned into something far worse. "You'd be surprised." He brought his attention back over to Rebecca. "Sorry, Kid. It was just a reminder of the shit I did when I was your age. Things I'm not exactly proud of now."

Paul, who noticed Caroline remaining her usual quiet self, went over and sat down on the arm of the chair she occupied. "You guys probably feel like you're under a lot more scrutiny being who you are and who you're related to. Mistakes happen and you'll do more things you're not exactly proud of. As long as it's nothing illegal or self-deprecating, you know we'll understand. Between all of us combined, we've done it all."

Caroline looked over at her sister, giving her a lopsided grin. "If people have anything to say about it, I'll make sure they know what would happen when they do."

Rebecca looked at everyone with happiness on her face. "Thank you, all of you, for being so understanding." She said, and turned to look at Archie, with a big smile on her face. "Thank you most of all Aunt Ari." She gave her a gentle hug.

"Hey, don't I get a hug?" Richard asked, pretending to pout.

"No, because you made fun of me." Rebecca huffed.

"Aww... look at that Phil, our little sister's all grown up and banging Klingons." Richard teased. "Thinks she's better than us now."

"To be fair Richard, she is better than you." Phil retorted.

"Hey! Don't go taking her side!" Richard responded.

"Tough, don't you go picking on my little sister!" Phil smirked back.

"Hrmph, well, at least Caroline still likes me." Richard said, throwing her a smirk. "At least I have some comfort in knowing we won't be having a talk like this with you as the protagonist."

"Oh I dunno... its those quiet recluse types that always prove to be the most deviant..." Phil teased his pseudo-sister.

Caroline began blushing from embarrassment. "No!! I wouldn't..." She looked around at the adults, hoping they didn't actually think of her as being any kind of trouble for them.

"Ah, she's interested in straight-lace guy from the PD anyway." Rebecca said, warming up considerably now. "You know, the handsome rookie."

Dropping her head in her hands, Caroline let out a soft cry from her sister calling her out in front of her brothers. She hadn't told them personally about her new friend, and this was not the way she wanted them to find out.

Paul let out a chuckle as he patted her back. "Don't worry, I already told them about Max. He's a good kid. And least likely to be involved in a threesome and brag about it."

Caroline continued her whimpering. "Stop it, Uncle Paul!"

Paul laughed as he roughed up her hair. "I guess I've got the embarrassing parent thing down already."

"Yeah, plenty of practice on my siblings." Richard smirked. "At least it'd take an orgy for Caroline to upstage Rebecca."

"Richard!" Rebecca protested.

Matt looked over at Archie. "I can't wait to tell Sully about this..."

"What?" Richard asked defensively. "It would!"

"Pfft, a threesome with sisters would outrank a threesome with BFF's..." Phil said, slightly quietly.

Paul let out a loud laugh.

"Phil!" Rebecca exclaimed. "That's just wrong! Don't be horrible to Caz like that, she's fragile."

"Can I go now?!" Caroline had enough of the incredibly uncomfortable and chaotic direction the conversation had gone.

Archie shook her head. "Alright, alright, alright... I think this has been quite the eye-opening discussion for the girls..." She stood up and started pulling Paul up off his seat. "And I thought I was going to be the embarrassing one..." She turned and looked at Phil and Richard. "I think you guys have just raised the bar for all parents across the galaxy."

"You're welcome." Richard said, grinning. "Making my baby sisters uncomfortable is a big brother's prerogative."

"What he said." Phil grinned.

"You won't be saying that if I have a Klingon baby." Rebecca glared at them. That shut them both up.

"You know, now that I think about it, maybe we should increase your chores." Richard said, narrowing his eyes.

"No No! Its fine!" Rebecca said, hiding behind Archie.

"And you." Richard said, looking pointedly at Caroline. "You're eighteen in two months. I think its time you visited sickbay for your... 'health-check'. Especially if you're dating anyone of the male persuasion." He said. "I'm sure Archie, Sully or Annie can go with you. I wouldn't take the Scarlet lady with you though. Although I think we can ALL be grateful that Archie took you to see Doctor Bree before your eighteenth birthday." Richard looked at Rebecca pointedly.

Rebecca glared at Richard. "Jerk." She muttered.

Caroline opened her mouth to protest their thought of her doing something so personal with Max, but Archie quickly cut her off by raising her hand up towards her.

"Just to be safe. Nothing against you." Archie smiled, hoping that helped calm her down.

Caroline snapped her mouth shut and nodded.

Matt gave everyone a shrug. "I would say we should probably have Caroline's party be alcohol-free, but I think that might upset us grown-ups more than the kids."

"Perhaps just Rebecca goes sober then eh?" Phil teased his little sister.

"Ugh! I hate you all!" Rebecca snorted in mock irritation, then flopped down on the couch next to Richard. "You're both jerks, you know that?" She said, then hugged Richard tight. "Thanks Richard."

Richard returned the hug and smiled. "No problems hun." He said. "Just know we're going to tease the crap out of you for ages."

"Yeah Yeah..." Rebecca said, but she was still happy as she sat between her brothers.

"And I'm still going to give that Sergeant a hard time." Richard replied. "Brotherly prerogative."

"I think Uncle Patrick beat you to it." Rebecca said. "Told his Gunnery Sergeant or something about it."

"Oh boy..." Richard smirked. "Nothing I could say or do will ever come close to the ire of a Gunny whose been told by his Sergeant Major that one of his men fucked up. I do not want to be that Klingon right now."

"Try not to be too hard on him." Rebecca said.

"Looking out for your boy-toy eh?" Richard asked.

Rebecca just punched him in the arm.



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