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So Embarrassing...

Posted on 10 Jul 2018 @ 1:35am by Civilian Rebecca Sharpe

Mission: Character Development
Location: Archie's Office
Timeline: After "What happens in Marine Country, stays in Marine Country."


Having been discharged from sickbay by a rather bemused nurse, who'd treated her bites and run a dermal regenerator over them, her skin felt all tingly and weird. However, that was nothing compared to the condescending looks she'd gotten from the female nurse who'd treated her. Rebecca was feeling shamed and humiliated.

She desperately wanted to talk to someone, but who? She couldn't confide in Caroline, as much as she loved her sister, because then she'd have that 'knowing' look or the 'reproachful' look. She certainly couldn't talk to her brothers or any of her uncles. That'd likely start a civil war on the station.

No, what she needed right now was a woman to talk to. As shameful and embarrassing as this would be to go crawling to her, especially given 'the talk' she'd given her on her birthday - Rebecca knew there was only one person for the job - Archie.

Unobtrusively, she walked into the police offices, still wearing the casual get-up she'd been given by Patrick earlier that morning. She was such a regular sight, no one paid her any heed whatsoever as she walked into the Detective Bureau and up to the Captain's office, tapping the chime.

Archie's eyebrow raised as the door opened and revealed a somewhat sluggish and defeated-looking Rebecca. She recognized the look anywhere. "Hey, Rebecca..." She began with a hint of concern. Did what she thinks may have happened actually happened? "What can I do for you?"

"Hey Aunt Ari." Rebecca said, glumly, and stood in front of Archie's desk, hugging herself. "Do you have a few minutes? Something... happened."

Archie gave her as reassuring of a smile as she could though she knew exactly where the conversation was headed. "I've got more than that for you, Rebecca..." She nodded over to the chair in front of her desk. "Have a seat... would you like something to drink? Coffee?" She paused as the girl took the offered seat. "Some pain meds?"

"I've just come from sickbay, they fixed me up pretty good." She said, dropping into the chair that was offered. "I'd really appreciate some coffee though." She cracked a weak smile. "I honestly do not know where to begin, or even how to begin..."

Archie let out a slight chuckle. She knew this feeling and behavior all too well. "Think me telling you a story from when I was your age would help?" She figured an icebreaker like that may help the girl open up a bit more and understand that she's not the only who has made an interesting personal choice.

"Sure." Rebecca said, glad for the chance to delay telling Archie a bit longer. Besides, maybe her story was worse? It might help dull the humiliation she was feeling right now. "Knowing you, it'll be wild and crazy. Richard always says you're as crazy as a bag of cats."

Throwing her head back, the woman let out a rather loud laugh at her comment. Of course Richard would say something like that, even though it was partially true. "Well, I'm not sure if it would hold up to thatstandard, but when I was a teen I wasn't exactly the most... angelic... young woman..."

Rebecca's immediate thought was 'one would hardly say that about you now, Aunt Ari.' But she bit her tongue. After all, she was being really nice and supportive right now, and she just didn't feel like being a crass bitch anymore. "I find that hard to believe..." She replied, trying to force a smile.

Archie rolled her eyes at the sarcasm she felt coming from her. Okay, she wasn't exactly that much different, but she did tend to make much smarter life decisions than when she was growing up. She couldn't help but let out a chuckle as she started. "My parents weren't really a part of my or my brothers' lives. We went around starting fights and I jumped around from guy to guy. In fact, and I should probably preface this by saying that only a select few people, like your Uncle Paul and my brothers, know this happened, but I had actually had a relationship, and I use the term loosely, with an older man who turned out to actually be married."

"Oh wow." Rebecca said, then looked carefully at her aunt. "How much older are we talking here? Like 5 years?"

Archie gave her a shrug. "He was about six or seven, I'd say. Now I didn't actually know he was married. But I also didn't really ask... My brother, Andy, found out and gave him a stern talking to with his clenched fist. Luckily he didn't get into trouble. The guy would've lost his entire personal life if he brought in charges againt him." She stopped, locking eyes with Rebecca. "I hope that helps you understand why I said the things I said at your party. You ready to start from the beginning now?" She internally kept her fingers crossed that a certain Starfleet Commander wasn't going to be mentioned in the near future.

This was the moment that Rebecca had been dreading, the telling of the story. She knew this was basically why she'd come, but it still didn't make this bit any easier.

"After Richard was released on bail, a few of my girlfriends and I went out to celebrate. There was drinking involved, and we were having a great time. There was a group of marines in the bar as well. We were drinking, dancing, socialising, you know - all the things you do." She said, swallowing.

"Anyway, one thing led to another, and my BFF and I ended up going home with a Klingon marine Sergeant." She said, not looking Archie in the eye. "I woke up this morning in his bed with Hannah. I went to the bathroom and Hannah joined me, where we tried to come to terms with what we'd just done, when Uncle Patrick arrived. He knew we were there, got us some clothes, spoke to the marine, and escorted us to sickbay - where we got all our bites healed up."

As she finished, she found herself looking at her feet.

Archie waited until Rebecca was finished and her own mind processed what the girl had told her. A swarm of relief surrounded her as the woman, once again, began laughing. Her eyes widened a bit at her impulsive reaction and her hand quickly slapped over to muffle out her laughter. Not only did Rebecca fall into bed with a Marine, who had worked under her brother, but she had suffered from Klingon pleasantries along with her best friend. It was the mention of bites that really did Archie in.

"Aunt Ari!" Rebecca wailed. "It's not funny! I'm really embarrassed!"

Pursing her lips together, Archie nodded in agreement. She caught a quick breath that had been held in from her response. "I know... I'm sorry..." She let a few more chuckles escape as she calmed down and wiped the amused tears that had begun to form in her eyes. "Listen..." Her voice was having difficulty returning to a more sympathetic tone. "We've all done things we aren't very proud of... Me, Uncle Paul, Aunt Sully, Uncle Matt... especially Uncle Matt... It may seem like we're a little bit harder on you and Caroline than we are about other people. We love you guys so much and we're just trying to make sure your mistakes aren't as ridiculous as ours. Believe me, you're not the first person to fall into bed with someone after a few rounds of alcohol. Just make sure that you're being safe when you do. And you choose that person wisely."

"I'm on the birth-control injection. Doc Bree gave it to me." Rebecca said, almost pleased with herself. "But what am I going to do? It's so humiliating that my first time I don't even remember, and with a marine?! Richard's going to kill me when he finds out... and he will find out. No doubt he'll brag like Uncle Patrick said he would... it'll get around all the marines that he 'bagged the CO's sister'. I'll be unable to show my face on the promenade forever..."

The poor girl was spiraling. Archie jumped up from her desk chair and moved closer to Rebecca. "I'm pretty sure it's guaranteed that marine will be keeping his mouth shut. Not only because he is well aware of your brother's new physical abilities but you have every one of us behind you ready to kick that turd's ass if he starts 'bragging'..." She was hoping to make her smile a bit. "Unfortunately there are people out there like that. They only care about themselves and how other people look at them and think about them. They're turds. What you have to do is own up to what happened and learn from what happened. And if your friends start talking shit about you, they're not your real friends." Archie's advice had come from many many years' worth of mistakes in her life. She was glad she would be able to start practicing for her own kid. "Hell, Uncle Paul and I didn't exactly have the most normal start to our relationship. The key to not feeling like an idiot is to admit your mistake and move on."

Rebecca looked at her aunt with grateful eyes. "What do I tell Richard? I don't want him to find out through rumours." She asked. "I'm scared of how he'll react. Him, Uncle Paul, Uncle Matt - they're like overbearing papa-bears. I'm genuinely scared they'll try to kill the guy."

Archie ran her hand over Rebecca's hair. "If you want I can be there with you to tell him. I know how scary this stuff can be. And that's really awesome and brave of you to not want to hide it from him."

Rebecca let out a weak chuckle. "Believe me, if I could, I wouldn't tell him." She smirked at Ari. "I don't think its any of his business. But given who I am, who he is, and every other factor, my private business doesn't tend to stay that way very long. I'd rather he got the real version of events than the distorted one, and started a lynch mob."

She put her hand on Ari's hand. "I'd really appreciate you being there when I tell them." She said. "I imagine you might be a calming influence."

Archie let out another quick laugh. "Not exactly a calming influence but they tend to trust me on these sort of things..."

"That, and Uncle Paul does what you tell him." Rebecca teased. "And Richard has a 'healthy respect' for you - which means he's scared of you."

Archie rolled her eyes. "Oh, please! Paul has me wrapped around his finger... and your brother has a permanent sword attached to him, for crying out loud!" She shook her head humorously. "Men..."

"Yeah..." Rebecca sighed. "Not looking forward to this one bit, Aunt Ari."

Archie wrapped her arm around Rebecca's shoulder. "Welcome to adulthood."


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