Obsidian Command
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What happens in Marine Country, stays in Marine Country

Posted on 09 Jul 2018 @ 7:25am by Sergeant Major Patrick Harper & Civilian Rebecca Sharpe

Mission: Character Development

She felt groggy as she woke up. Her head was pounding as she looked over at the Chrono on her bedstand. It was at this point that she spotted that there were things on the bedstand that weren’t hers. The Chrono wasn’t there, but there were some strange statues and figurines. Her eyes shot open and she looked around the darkened room. It seemed the same as hers, but the little things were off. This was because pretty much all quarters on the starbase were similar.

That was when she noticed the figure lying in bed next to her, and her heart leapt into her throat. She wasn’t alone. What’s more, she was in someone else’s room! What the heck had she done last night?!

She’d been out celebrating with her friends that Richard had gotten bail, and there had been a lot of drinking. The last thing she remembered was partying with a group of marines who were also there having a good time. Oh God, she hadn’t gone home with a marine had she?! Richard would murder her!

Very hesitantly, she looked over at the body next to her. It was at that point she realised it was two bodies next to her. There was a Klingon male, sound asleep, and a female human – who on closer inspection, was her bestie from school – Hannah. Her long blonde hair was curtaining her face, but she’d recognise it anywhere.

Grabbing some nearby bedding that was discarded on the floor, she wrapped herself up and ran to the bathroom. Once inside, she looked in the mirror. There were bite-marks on her neck, shoulders, arms, torso and legs. Man, this Klingon was a biter! There was going to be no way of hiding them either.

The events of last night were slowly coming back to her, in jumbled flashes, but it had clearly been one hell of a night. She had no doubt in her mind whatsoever that she was going to get one hell of a talking to by the others about it.

There was a gentle tap on the door, and she opened it to allow Hannah to come in, who also looked worse for wear with bite-marks. “You look like I feel.” She said, quietly, as the door closed.

“You look pretty bad yourself Han.” Rebecca said. “I can’t believe we did that…”

“Neither can I…” She said, looking at her BFF. “…at least we did it together, right?”

“I guess that’s something. BFF’s sharing everything, right?” Rebecca smirked.

“Wasn’t quite what we had in mind though.” Hannah smirked back. “God I’m sore, you know, ‘down there’.”

“I know right?” Rebecca replied. “Who is he anyway?”

“Some marine guy. Considering he’s a Klingon, I distinctly remember him being a smooth-talker.” Hannah said, as she fixed up her hair in the mirror. “Man, these bites are going to leave nasty bruises.”

“A marine?!” Rebecca exclaimed. “Oh no…”

“Relax.” Hannah said. “No one needs to know.”

At that moment, there was a chime from the main external door. The chime repeated itself several times quite incessantly. There was a grumbling from the bedroom, and then voices. The girls looked at each other, and grabbed some towels to wrap around themselves.

“…problem?” Came one of the voices, quite gruff, as they entered the bedroom.

“I’m just wondering Sergeant, why you have girls clothing strewn across the room?” Came a voice that was very familiar to Rebecca. It had an accent to it that she knew… why couldn’t she place it?

“Took a couple of girls home with me last night Sergeant Major, its not a crime or a violation of regs.” The gruff voice replied, clearly that of their Klingon partner.

“I think you’ll find Sergeant, that taking these particular girls home with you might prove to be a tactical blunder.” Came the voice thick with an Irish twang.

“Oh no…” Rebecca said, under her breath. “It’s Uncle Patrick…”

“Why’s that Sergeant Major?” Came the gruff voice, starting to sound a tad more awake.

“Well, based on the ripped remains of that silver sparkly mini-dress, and some eye-witness testimony, I’m afraid you took Rebecca Sharpe home with you last night.” Harper said. “I’m guessing she’s in the bathroom?”

“I..believe so.” Came the stunned reply.

“Girls.” Harper addressed the door. “I’m going to replicate you some clothing, then I suggest you make a discrete exit. Sergeant C’hilak will wait outside, won’t you Sergeant?”

“Yes Sergeant Major.” Came the defeated voice, as he trudged out of the room.

Harper replicated two pairs of black leggings, two large t-shirts and some trainers, and left them on the bed. “I’m leaving the clothes on the bed girls, I’ll be outside with the Sergeant.” With that, he could be heard leaving the room and the doors closing.

Rebecca and Hannah left the bathroom to a room that was now illuminated, and clearly in some disarray. There were torn and shredded clothing, Rebecca’s silver party dress and Hannah’s purple party-dress, all over the place. They managed to find their underwear was also in a similar state of disrepair, so replicated some new ones. They dressed quietly and quickly, making sure to cover up as many of the bites as they could. They both replicated a couple of long-sleeve fleecy jackets to cover their arms.

They both stepped outside to a rather sheepish looking Klingon, who looked very cowed in the presence of his Sergeant Major. For his part, Harper seemed quite cheerful. “Not to worry girls, I won’t mention anything to ‘he who must not be named’. I’d hate for him to break bail conditions by murdering the young Sergeant here.”

Rebecca looked horrified at the joke. Sergeant C’hilak looked concerned.

“Relax, it was a joke.” Harper said. “Sergeant, I trust you’ll remember our little conversation. I’m going to escort these lovely young ladies back up to where they need to be. Might I suggest you re-arrange your quarters before your Gunnery Sergeant comes a-callin’? Rest-assured, he will be a-callin’.” Harper said, the last part with a dead expression and a low tone.

“Yes Sergeant Major.” He rumbled, and after giving both girls a toothy smile, went back into his room.

“Well, I trust you two had a nice evening.” Harper said, jovially, as if his dark tone had never happened. “I dare say had I not had a nice wee chat with our young Klingon friend here, he’d be boasting all around the barracks about his conquest, so he would.”

Rebecca and Hannah looked down at their feet, saying nothing. They’d been caught doing a very foolish thing, and they were at least humble enough to appreciate it.

“Come on you two, lets get you back upstairs. I doubt you want to be seen down in marine country by anyone we know.” Harper said, as he escorted them to the turbo-lift. “I’d recommend a visit to sickbay before you pop home, just to get those bites seen to. Klingons can get a bit carried away. Still, life lesson for you two!”

Hannah and Rebecca just looked at each other and said nothing on their walk of shame.


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