Obsidian Command
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Big Small-Talk

Posted on 08 Jul 2018 @ 5:04pm by

Mission: Character Development
Location: Max and Dale's Quarters

Caroline couldn’t help but keep laughing every time she thought about it as she stood over her glass in Max and Dale’s quarters.

Dale’s laughter was hard to contain. “You should’ve seen the look on his face!” Dale continued to reminisce the Ferengi vomit incident.

Her eyes moved over to the sound of the seemingly unending sonic shower. “Poor Max…”

“Happens to the best of us.” Dale leaned back into the couch. “I one time had to do a leg search on someone who had a bowel-control issue.”

Caroline’s face squirmed in disgust. “Ewwww!” She had picked the cup to take a drink but had to put it down after getting the image in her head. It made her stomach squirm.

Dale’s laughter died off after realizing a topic change was in order. “How are you holding up? With your brother I mean.”

Her lips fell slightly at the thought of Richard being tied down by the tracker. She gave him a nonchalant shrug. At least he wasn’t in the Brig anymore. “I mean, he’s here and home. The judge says that since Uncle Paul and Uncle Matt didn’t use restraints when they took him to the Brig it means that he’s not as dangerous as that stupid lawyer is saying he is. So that’s really great, and I now understand why Uncle Paul wanted to be the one to do it. I don’t really know why they’re doing the trial and stuff, though. But I guess it has to happen, right?” She tried to remain as calm as she could. She couldn’t stop thinking about being separated from him. He had saved her life. He was everything to her. But she didn’t want Dale, or anyone, to see her breaking. She had to remain strong for Richard and Rebecca and Phil.

“We’re all rooting for him, Caroline…” Dale’s heart ached for her. He could see how helpless, and maybe even how hopeless, she was feeling. “The Federation is probably just going through the process they created for a situation like this, even though this situation is actually pretty unique.”

She let out a sigh. “I know. I just want my brother done with it so he doesn’t have to worry anymore.”

He shook his head slowly in understanding. “He will be done with it. Very soon. And he’s not going anywhere.” He paused, wanting to get rid of the sadness he had brought to her face by even bringing it up. “Hey, have you thought about what you wanted to do since you’ve gotten settled in our… dimension… I guess you could say?”

Caroline looked back down at her glass and pushed it to the side. Her drink was suddenly unappealing. She tried to bring herself back to the moment and Dale’s efforts to try to cheer her up and away from her spiralling thoughts. “I don’t know. I mean, I’m gonna be out of school soon. I really like it here with you guys. Everyone is just so friendly and have been so nice to me.” She moved her fallen hair back behind her ear. “Back home I helped a lot in the medical ward. But I don’t know if I want to deal with all of the blood and guts again.”

Dale’s lips tilted into a smirk. “Yeah I get that.”

“I really enjoy helping people, and I know there are a lot of kids my age and younger that go through really hard times like I have. I don’t know…” Caroline trailed off in thought. She was still unsure of herself and felt a little embarrassed about sharing her goals with others. But Dale was such an open and caring person. He helped MacKenzie during her tough time. “Maybe I could become a counselor or something. For kids, you know?”

Max finally stepped out into the common area in a fresh blue shirt and denim pants. “I think that sixth shower finally got rid of whatever was inside that Ferengi...” He looked between Caroline and Dale who had cut off their conversation. “What are you guys talking about?” He gave Caroline a smile, excited by the fact that she wasn’t going to try to run away from him now that he was vomit free.

Caroline looked over at him, her cheeks warming up at seeing him cleaned up and patrol-free. Their budding friendship was innocent enough, but she couldn’t help but think of what it would be like if he thought of her as more than that. “Dale was asking me about what I wanted to do once I get out of school here.”

Reaching over to the kitchen replicator, Max pressed a few buttons on the panel. “Marine Combat Medic, right?” He gave Caroline a wink and a teasing smile.

Caroline’s eyes widened in fright at the thought of doing something so brash and hurtful to her brother. “Richard would find me and kill me! Like, he would hunt me down…” Her eyes then gleamed with amusement and laughed at his playful jest. “I don’t think I’m the military type, and my brother would stick me at a desk job if I did join. I still have a lot to learn. But I was thinking about going into counseling.”

Max nodded as he took a gulp from his replicator glass. That was perfect for her. She was caring and incredibly smart and very intuitive. She would be able to help others in a way not a lot of people would be able to. “I, for one, would love to have someone other than Starfleet squeezing my feelings out of me every time I get yelled at by an uncooperative person out on patrol.”

“Yeah, says the guy who curses in Russian every time he deals with someone on the job.” Dale came over and gave Max a punch on the shoulder.

Caroline giggled softly at him. “I still have a lot to learn, though. But I think I’ll be able to do it.” She let out a breath of relief after telling them about it. She had been nervous about saying something to Richard, especially since he was going through his own struggles. Now that she got the positive response from her friends, she felt more confident in being able to tell her brother once his trial was finished.

Deep down he was the actual reason why she wanted to become a counselor.


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