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Brotherly Concerns

Posted on 07 Jul 2018 @ 4:31am by Civilian Phillip Sharpe
Edited on on 07 Jul 2018 @ 4:45pm

Mission: Character Development
Location: Annie’s Quarters


Phil walked with a purpose to Annie's quarters. He'd been trying to figure out what to do, as he'd only been told about Richard's fate a few hours ago. Of course he was worried, but this had been something Richard had seen coming. Why had this hit so hard then, when they all knew it was a possibility?

He needed to talk it out with someone, and the only one he trusted was his Annie. She always knew how to rationalise a situation and work out the key points. He needed her level-head right now, as he was not equipped to deal with this nonsense.

Changing quickly out of her uniform into her usual off-duty getup of shorts and a simple black t-shirt, Annie felt the disappointment of being stuck in an entirely too long Security briefing while her friends had gone through the Sharpe ordeal. She had only gotten word of it only 15 minutes ago from Officer Waters in the deserted office.

First thing she thought of was Phil.

He had kept to himself through most of the ordeal. He was the type to internalize most things, much like she did. Normally she wouldn't pry; if he needed to talk he would. But his brother was just taken into custody by the Federation...

As she made her way out of her quarters she clumsily strapped on her shoes, practically falling through the open doors and onto Phil as he approached.

"Phil!" She dropped her untied shoe and stood in front of him, unsure of whether she should let her arms wrap around him like they wanted to. "I was just about to come see you..."

"I take it you heard about Richard?" He asked, wondering if he could hug her, or she was going to back-flip him for touching her. Deciding to take the risk, he embraced her gently. "I need you." He whispered in her ear. "I don't know what to do..."

Annie returned the embrace, wrapping her arms around his neck and squeezing as he opened up to her. She could feel the tension in his body from the fear of the not knowing what was going to happen to his brother. "You want to come inside and talk or something?"

"Please." He said, nodding. "I just need someone to listen to me for a bit, since I've no other friends on the station."

Annie nodded solemnly. "Of course..." She grabbed his hand and led him back into her quarters and to the couch. "How are you feeling about everything?"

"I honestly don't know." He said, as he sat down. "I mean, where does the Federation get off charging him as if he did this on purpose? He was captured, tortured, forced to fight in some stupid game, and when he came back - they treated him like it was all his fault!" Phil was angry, and it was coming across. "They should be helping him! Not trying to destroy everything he has! To talk of taking the girls away from him?! His career?! Why?!"

Annie’s eyes widened a bit. She had never seen him so distraught, even when Richard first came back home. She placed her hand on his thigh, giving it as much of a reassuring squeeze as she could. “That is exactly what they’re going to argue for his case. I don’t understand why they’re pulling this now when he’s worked so hard to overcome everything...” She locked eyes with him. “He’s not going anywhere. Not with the entire FCPD and Marines backing him up.”

"You know what these lawyers are like, they just want the win, they don't care about him." Phil sighed. "They'll probably negotiate a plea deal where Richard gets screwed over."

“But this is your brother we’re talking about... He didn’t fight his way to come back home to you and Rebecca and Caroline just to give up on his life here.” Annie let out a sigh. “He’s a soldier. The best one on the base. He’s not going down without a fight.”

"That may be what hurts him. He has a temper, he may loose control if they try to provoke him." Phil said.

Annie’s chest tightened. She couldn’t stand hearing him be so negative about the situation. Especially when she was constantly battling her own negativity circling around her mind. “Look, I know and I understand you thinking about stuff like this. But he’s been working so hard to combat that. He went away for three months specifically so something that like won’t happen again. We have to give him a little credit, Phil.”

"I can't help dwelling on the worst case scenario. It seems he lurches from one disaster to the next without ever having a chance to catch his breath." Phil said. "And to be accused of these things by the people he swore to serve, that he basically gave his life for, it's painful..."

Annie placed a hand on his cheek. “And that’s exactly why he needs us. He needs his family, the people he has personally saved with his two hands... Rebecca, Paul, Matt, Caroline... he needs us to stand by with him.”

"And I need you... now, more than ever." Phil said, putting his hand on hers. "My family has seen a lot of strife over the years, and I've had to endure it alone. I am glad I have someone in my life to help support me during this."

Annie’s lips curled up in a smirk. “You guys are my family. You all have helped pull me back here. I could never turn my back on you when you need support the most.”

"Lets hope for all our sakes that Richard can pull off yet another miracle." Phil said, smiling at Annie. "You really are a beautiful person, both inside and out, you know that?"

Annie felt her cheeks warm a bit, her lips trying to force themselves into at least an appreciative smirk. She felt like she was far from his ideal image of her. Her mind was being pulled in two entirely different directions: one way by the sweet and generous and caring Phil and he other by the sadistic and manipulative and psychopathic Thomas. And somehow Thomas was still around and tugging away at her. No matter how hard she tried there were days where he would be on her shoulder and block her from truly 100% accepting Phil’s love as reality.

At that moment Thomas was really making himself known.

She moved her eyes down and away from the intensity of Phil’s bright blue eyes. Her hand slid slowly from his face and back down to her lap. “Did you want to go see Richard?”

"No." He said, with some degree of resoluteness. "He has very limited visitor access at the moment, and I want to make sure that Amaya and the girls get to see him. I'm just the brother he tolerates."

Annie lifted her eyes back up to him, her brows furrowed in confusion at his statement. "You're blood. Amaya and Paul will let you see him." She sat up a bit straighter, not understanding why he would say that. "You have just as much of a right to see him. And he would want to see you..."

"Our... relationship... is, in a word, 'complicated'." He said. "Things got a lot easier once Rebecca was taken away from mother, but he's never quite forgiven me for my role in all that happened. I'm not convinced he'd be pleased to see me. It's evident that he doesn't trust me, since he asked Amaya to look after the girls. He's had Paul look after the girls... hell... he's had half the police department look after the girls, but not once has he ever asked or left instructions for me to do so, and I'm his big brother."

Annie gave him a shrug. "Well, have you talked to him about it?"

"Not really no." Phil said, sinking back onto the couch. "I just know he doesn't trust me, not entirely anyway. I'm worried about him, of course I am, but I just - I feel that me seeing him right now would mostly be for my own benefit, and not his."

Annie let out a sigh. “You don’t know that. He needs to know how you feel and that you want to be a part of their lives more. I mean, you uprooted your life to be here with them. That has to count for something.” She placed her hand back on his thigh. “I would kill to have my brother back and with me right now.” Her lips curled up a bit from the slight irony in that statement.

"I'll think about it, okay?" He offered as a compromise. "I just need to work out what it is I'm going to say to the air-headed buffoon."

Annie let out a playful scoff. “As long as you talk to him. I know he would really like seeing you. Just let me know and I can make the visit happen.”

"Alright." Phil said, smiling at her. "Well, I've taken up plenty of your time. I should probably head off."

She couldn’t help but roll her eyes at him and his slight but maybe understandable insecurity about their budding relationship. “Well if you don’t want to stay for dinner that’s fine...” She stuck her tongue out playfully at him.

"Oh, well, if there's food involved - how could I possibly turn it down!" He laughed. Truth be told, he knew they were a couple now, that was obvious, but she was still very defensive around him. On occasion, she was completely relaxed and comfortable, then the next moment, the shields were up and the phasers on hot-standby. He knew she'd had a troubled relationship past, and no doubt Thomas was a constant memory. He just had to tread lightly.


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