Obsidian Command
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Plea Bargains

Posted on 07 Jul 2018 @ 3:29pm by Lieutenant Colonel Richard Sharpe & 1st Lieutenant Quinn McKenna

Mission: Character Development


Commander Tucker entered the legal offices aboard Obsidian, and found his way to Lt. McKenna's office. It wasn't that hard, since it was one of the few offices actually occupied in the rather empty legal department. He tapped on the chime, and once he was granted permission to enter, he came in and offered a smile and a hand.

"Lieutenant McKenna, I'm Commander Tucker - prosecutor assigned to the Sharpe case."

"Welcome to Obisidian Command, Commander." Quinn rose, shaking Tucker's hand. She gestured to one of the chairs opposite her.

Tucker took the offered seat and took a PADD out of his briefcase. "Shall we get down to brass tacks?" He asked.

"By all means." Quinn said, gesturing for him to begin.

"I guess I'll open the gambit then. Your client hasn't really got much of a leg to stand on. He's enhanced. We don't allow enhanced people in Starfleet. Period. If your guy pleads guilty, he can be dishonourably discharged and live out his life anywhere he likes as a civilian. Naturally, he wouldn't be able to be the legal guardian of his sister or daughter anymore. I'm sure his elder brother can step up." Tucker said, leaning back in his chair.

"Commander, I think you need to do your homework a little better. His sister is already of age as of a few days ago and his adopted daughter is only a few months out. You don't have that leverage stick on him." Quinn said.

"Oh really?" Tucker said, raising an eyebrow. "Well, that does simplify things somewhat in the long run I suppose. Although we could easily haggle on the 'few months' part, since this case could be settled today, and he could be legally unfit to be her legal guardian for 'a few months'."

"And the key point of this case will be how you intend to deal with the obvious Bashir defense." Quinn added.

"Ah yes, the Bashir defence." Tucker said, smiling. "I figured you'd pull that old card out of the deck. The Bashir defence doesn't really work for you, because it was taken during the middle of a war, where we needed all the doctors we could get. Add to that, Doctor Bashir deceived Starfleet and his friends, and was discovered when Doctor Zimmerman was trying to make him an EMH. The 'deal' that was struck with the JAG at the time was that he could keep his career and medical licence, providing his father went to jail. Are you suggesting that someone should go to jail on Major Sharpe's behest? His brother perhaps? Commander Lance? You?"

“I think you and I have very different interpretations of that case... as well as the concept of mens rea, Commander. “ Quinn replied, frowning.

"Well, be that as it may, Lieutenant." Tucker said. "I don't think the Bashir precedent is going to help you here." He smiled at her. "Alright, modified offer; Dishonourable discharge, referral to the Luna facility for extensive evaluation, and if he's found to be safe - released to go wherever he wants."

"How is that any different than your first offer? Major Sharpe has had a long, distinguished career. He didn't choose to be augmented. A dishonourable discharge is absolutely out of the question." Quinn said, shaking her head.

"Then what are you offering, counsellor?" Tucker asked.

“A chance to stay the charges before this goes public and you look like a fool for prosecuting a war hero.” Quinn replied.

Tucker sighed. "I see we're not going to get anywhere." He said, and put his PADD back in his case. "I guess I'll see you in court, Lieutenant."

“Looking forward to it, Commander.” Quinn said. Plea bargains had their place. This was not one of them.


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