Obsidian Command
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Prision Visitation

Posted on 09 Jul 2018 @ 7:26am by Lieutenant Colonel Richard Sharpe & Commander Amaya Lance

Mission: Character Development
Location: Obsidian Command - Holding Cells
Timeline: Before "Arraignment"

Amaya was hesitant as she approached the holding cells. Most were empty; perhaps their occupants had been moved to allow Richard some privacy, she wasn't sure. Either way, the two FCPD men on duty spotted her coming, gave one another a look, then moved away from the entrance of the chamber, leaving her a little bit of privacy.

"Richard?" she inquired, carefully leaning around the force-field entrance to his cell. "It's me. Are you okay?"

She found him lying down on the single bunk in the cell. It wasn't a comfortable accommodation, but then it wasn't designed to be. Until his arraignment, he was to be in a cell. He wondered if he might get house-arrest, since he wasn't a flight risk, but they'd probably keep him in a cage since he was "extremely dangerous" after all.

"Hey you." He said, looking over, and getting up off the bench that was the bunk. "I'm as well as I can be, considering I'm in prison." He replied with a weak smile. "I hope you weren't too harsh on Paul, he didn't have much of a choice. It was either him, or a company of marines dragging me off. Surprised it took them four months to do it, to be fair. Must've been one hell of a decision. Either that, or they thought I was out of the way in that loony bin you sent me to." He poked his tongue out at her.

She didn't smile. She just looked at him with worry in her eyes. Despite his always-positive approach, she couldn't help feel anxious about the sight of him standing there in a cell.

"You're not going back there. Or anywhere else. I told you that, I won't let them take you away again."

"You're not going to get much say if that's what the judge says." Richard said, completely seriously. "I love you Ami, you know that. I won't have you doing anything for me that'd jeopardise your career. I won't thank you for it. I have to rely on the competence of my defence lawyer to help save me."

"I'm told she's the best," Amaya offered. "Did some good work on the Barclay case? At any rate, I'm here. I'm happy to offer character testimony, and I'm trying to do what the lawyers tell us to do."

"Probably for the best." Richard said. "Could you look after the girls for me? They were putting on a brave face, but I know they're both hurting. I can't say I blame them, what with the fact they had me taken from them so soon after getting me back. I don't want them in court. They don't need to see Starfleet saying bad things about me."

Amaya paused momentarily. The thought of having to look after the two girls was a little terrifying, but in that moment he needed her to be strong for him. "Of course I will," she smiled. "And I'll keep them out of the spotlight; maybe see about getting them some extra holosuite priveliges." She fell silent, staring at him. "I...miss you."

"I miss you too." He replied. "Let's hope that we can force reason to count. They can't punish me for something I had done to me against my will. It's like court-martialling me for being a prisoner of war."

"It's not that simple," she sighed. "I don't think any of this is. I think they'll argue the danger you present to people is too great. Anyone who knows you would understand that simply isn't true, but...you know lawyers..."

"Yeah..." Richard sighed. "You do realise I was a danger to people before I was augmented, simply because I was a trained killer on a leash. I fail to see how I'm more of a threat now than I was. I'm professional enough to know not to kill someone for a laugh."

Amaya tucked her arms around herself uncomfortably. Although she hadn't been there for his 'incident', she was aware of it all the same. "We know that. The point is, they don't. And they're afraid of that."

"Then I'll just have to make sure they understand I'm not a threat." He said, with put on joviality. "Only person I'm liable to hurt are the people I'm ordered to hurt. That, and a little bit of play with you." He added slyly.

She felt her cheeks flush a little at his comment, allowing a little light smile. "Do you think Paul and Archie allow conjugal visits?"

"Given that those two nymphets bang in their office during the middle of the day, I doubt they're in any position to comment." He smirked.

"Fair enough," she grinned, feeling a little more relaxed. "I'll stop by later, okay? Don't go anywhere..." she said, aware of the irony of that statement.

"Well, you'd better tie me down then." He chuckled. "Flight risk me."

"Tempting..." she giggled. "Stay safe, Richard. We'll get through this."

"Bit hard to get in trouble down here..." Richard smirked at her, as he watched her leave.


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