Obsidian Command
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Three Down and Locked

Posted on 06 Jul 2018 @ 7:18am by Lieutenant JG Itoban th’Shilliq & Lieutenant Commander Kerry Malone

Mission: Character Development
Location: Flight Operations

The journey from landing pad nineteen, through the quartermaster, and finally to his personal quarters in the bowels of the massive space station had taken some time. But finally Itoban had been able to drop his belongings, which had been relegated to two small duffel bags, into the relatively spartan living space. Afterwards, he had looked up the location of the flight operations center and set off to check in with his superiors.

A short turbolift trip later, the Andorian found himself stepping into the cavernous, multi-floor chamber, which was backed by massive floor-to-ceiling viewports. Massive displays, several meters tall easily, flanked the room on either side, while a long holotable display sat in the center. It was definitely more impressive than the last facility he served at. By several orders of magnitude.

A grizzled looking Senior Chief spotted the errant Lieutenant and wandered over. "Welcome to Flight Ops Lieutenant, can I help at all?"

"I believe you might," Itoban replied, lifting his chin only slightly as he spoke. "I'm looking for the squadron commander. Do you know where I might find him?"

The Senior Chief chuckled. "Which one, Lieutenant?" He asked. "We have an entire air-group stationed here. That's four wings of four squadrons, each with a Squadron CO."

"I apologize, Chief," came the measured response. "I'm here to report in for the 538th. I've only just arrived on the station."

"That'd be Lieutenant Commander Davros. He's over in office 12." The Chief said. "Let me show you the way."

The pilot offered a slight nod of his head as he began to follow. The sheer size of the command center could easily be overwhelming to someone unfamiliar with its design. "Thank you. I am grateful for the assistance."

"Don't worry, it always throws people off first time." He replied, and led him to the office. "Best of luck sir, the commander's a bit of a stickler."

"I appreciate the warning, Chief," Itoban answered before the other man went back to whatever task he had been previously attending. He ran a hand down the front of his uniform, smoothing out any rogue wrinkles. He then took in a slow, deep breath and let it out before reaching up and hitting the door chime.

"Come!" Came a very firm and authorative female voice.

The doors parted, allowing the azure-skinned man to take a step into the room. "Good day, Commander," Itoban offered, again in his even cadence. "Lieutenant Itoban, reporting, as ordered, for assignment."

Behind the desk was a stern looking blonde woman, who merely raised an eye up and looked at the new arrival. "Don't they teach military courtesy at the academy anymore?" She snapped. "Stand at attention when addressing a superior officer!"

The Andorian had already been standing rather straight, as like nearly every other aspect of his appearance and visible demeanor, his normal posture was very precisely arranged. All he had to do was bring the heels of his feet together. Her presentation, however, was very surprising to Itoban; in his experience Humans tended to be less severe than, say, a Tellarite.

He said nothing.

"Better." She said, curtly. "So, you're the new pilot I've been sent to replace Lieutenant Rockbell? Hrmph, I get a rookie to replace a veteran. Typical Starfleet." She muttered. "I suppose you think you're all that and the best thing that ever flew a kite, am I right?"

The man's right eyebrow lifted but a fraction of an inch. He believed he understood what was being asked, but was confused, as he had never flown a kite. His answer was methodical, word by word, "I do believe my service record will show as adequate for this assignment, if that is what you are asking, Commander."

She slammed her hand down on the desk angrily. "I'm asking if you think you're a cocky piece of shit, who'll get himself and others killed in pointless theatrics!" She snapped at him. "I've no room for mavericks in my Squadron, mister."

Itoban took in a slow, deep breath. It was a wide-spread anecdote that Andorians were quick to anger, and while Andorians were like any other species and greatly varied in personality and temperament, there was some truth to the belief. Itoban himself suffered, perhaps, from this racial idiosyncrasy a little less than average. That said, this woman's unexplained hostility was already pushing even his patience.

"There was a time, perhaps not too long ago," he began calmly, but with the slightest hint of his forming irritation. "That I would likely would have told you I couldn't be touched. I consider myself fortunate to have learned the truth early, and survived the incident."

"Good." She said. "You'll be assigned to B Flight as their leader, since he went and got himself killed a few weeks back. Make sure you get to know them. Full squadron briefing will be tomorrow at 0600. Make sure you're there."

The man nodded, his antennae curling downward slightly. He was relieved that she appeared to be relenting somewhat in her hostility. "Understood, Commander."

"Dismissed." She said.

With another slight bow of his head, Itoban turned on his heel and exited the office. Taking a brief moment to once more gaze around the large flight operations center, he allowed himself to wonder about his future here. The squadron commander was definitely...intriguing. He was curious what the pilots of his flight would look like.

He would find out soon enough.


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