Obsidian Command
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Posted on 22 Jul 2018 @ 12:31pm by Commander Amaya Lance & Lieutenant Commander Bree Sanderson & Lieutenant Colonel Richard Sharpe

Mission: Character Development
Location: Sams Bar
Timeline: During the Party

“Commander! You look fantastic.” Tia exclaimed as her and Bree entered Sams bar. The two had stopped by Tia’s quarters enroute to give Bree the opportunity to decompress over the less than expected arrival of her parents on the station. “You know Fidget Bum right?” Tia asked nodding towards Bree.

“You are never going to let that go are you?” Bree asked with feigned pain “You wound me Miss Duvall, you wound me.” Bree turned her attention to the commander. “Hope you don’t mind us crashing the party commander, something of an emergency evac situation from my quarters.”

"No, that's perfectly all right, Doctor. I can imagine it would be useful to have a medical team on hand in case things get out of hand with some of the younger ones. Although I'd steer clear of Major Sharpe if I were you, he's probably sick of seeing your face by now!" Amaya giggled.

Bree let out a hearty laugh. "It's kids having fun, and I think it's fair to say with everything thats gone on over these last few months we all deserve to let our hair down, the good major included." Bree signaled to a waiter nearby. "Tequila, Samarian Starbust, whatever the Commander, Major Sharpe and whatever the birthday girl wants please." the doctor turned her attention back to her CO "And please the uniforms off, it's Bree."

Amaya turned and slipped and arm around Richard's as he approached. "Hear that? Doctors orders; apparently the girls can do what they want..." she teased.

"Hrmph, as if we needed 'doctors orders' for that. I'm surrounded by women who think they can do what they want, when they want, how they want. Present company included." He smirked at her, and accepted the drink of water he'd been given.

Bree laughed once again, this whole having a social life thing was clearly sitting well with her this evening. "Well if you want I can swap all that out for the company of a bordering on neurotic with boundary issues parent? I have one in my quarters right now, she's all yours."

"Nah, you're alright, I've got my own narcissistic genetically modified bat of a mother, who fortunately is several hundred lightyears away." Richard growled, and looked defensively at Rebecca, who was dancing with Malone.

"Hey, Ami, would you be totally unhappy if I murdered your first officer?" Richard asked, casually.

"While that would be a fight I'd love to see, unfortunately I need both of you functioning and sane, so perhaps not this evening," Amaya grinned. "Perhaps the good doctor might be a better chaperone?"

Bree spluttered on her second shot of Tequila upon hearing Amayas suggestion. Of course she knew that her CO was joking but, it still had caught her off guard. "Sure, I mean of course, if you want her to know about at least 30 different venereal diseases and the grizzly side effects that come with them. Well then I'm your gal."

"As her older brother, I cannot explicitly say I'm against that idea." Richard chuckled. "Might sort her out, you never know."

"Okay I'll do you a deal, I'll destroy any sexual drives she has till she's at least 40 and you can give me some proper sparring training, I'm getting soft in my old age." Bree joked fegining a right hook. "Although I won't lie you will then have to deal with the fall out and she'll probably never move out on her own."

"Suits me." Richard smirked. "But I doubt you want to spar with me, I am dangerous now you know."

For the briefest of moments the air almost felt like it had a chill to it, Bree knew that it was a joke, but there was a truth to it. Bree downed another Tequila and smiled "Then who better to run me through my paces. Don't let this exterior kid you, I've got moves."

"I'm starting to wonder if the kids should be the ones chaperoning you..." Amaya quipped gently.

"Oh thats why I'm here to keep Fidget Bum out of trouble." Tia teased before nodding at the commander and the Major and walking off.

"You know when I shouted at her in Sickbay on my second day onboard I really wasn't expecting her to become, well whatever it's become." Bree laughed. "Now if you'll excuse me, there appears to be a young woman over there about to try her first Vulcan Whiskey shot...thats not going to end well."

"Enjoy." Richard smirked.


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