Obsidian Command
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Programming fun

Posted on 17 Jan 2018 @ 12:02am by Civilian Ivy Rellik

Ivy looked at her list of projects that needed to be finished and smiled as she was getting though them with no problem. Add that to the fact that business had been going well. People seemed pleased and she’d even been getting repeat customers already. If she had to admit to herself, she’d been a little nervous about starting up her own business, especially out in the middle of nowhere.

The mother with the kids had been thrilled with the old fashion carnival experience. She’d added everything from games and the carny’s that ran them, to thrill rides for the daring. Of course, it wasn’t just thrill rides she’d put in there, she needed something for the younger kids also, so pony rides and other light-hearted rides kept everyone happy. With permission of the mother, she’d made copies to keep in her store also, after all she was sure others might like to check that holoprogram out also.

Having marked Alex’s program as done, she double checked the notes she’d made on it. She had based on the old movie “The Mummy” in hopes to give it the type of feel that the officer had wanted. She’d found it fun during her run though of it, though smiled with the idea of doing it with the officer. After all programs where always better with others.

And of course, she had the science officers program set for her also. Although she made sure the safety was set to high on it. For some reason she felt the need to do that after speaking with the Sharpe about it. She’d made sure the ATV specs where dead on, and that it the course that she’d followed had lots of ditches in it.

Having gotten those done, she’d taken the short bit of free time to do a couple on her own for the shop. A couple murder mysteries for the wanna be detectives out there. And a program filled with lots of action and crime… after all, she figured the station police just might not get enough of that type of stuff.

She needed something to draw more men in Ivy had decided and looked at her computer a bit more as she did some research. Cars… that seemed to be a big thing for guys back in the day. Taking old ones and fixing them up, even making hotrods out of them and racing them. With that in mind, she set to work.

After finding a variety of old popular vehicles she set the computer to make them not run able for whatever reasons. Leaving whoever picked that car to have to figure that part out. Of course, she also set the program to change the issue, or multiply issues with every car depending on the level of experience the player chose.

Nibbling on her lower lip a little in thought, Ivy then added the chance to paint the vehicles the colors they wanted. She then set it up so other modifications could be made. Even allowing them to add Nitro to perk up the speeds. Frowning a moment, as she pondered what else she would need to add to it. She pondered a moment on the fact that she might need a male tester for this program. For now, though, she would do what she could with it.

Lastly, she needed to set the program up to allow multiple people to bring their vehicle in at the same time to have…. Race wars. With that done, she gave it a title and set it aside to be tested later. For now, though… she needed to do a few other things. And as she closed down her programs and the shop, Ivy headed out to grab dinner and relax.


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