Obsidian Command

MU - Setting up....

Posted on 11 Jan 2018 @ 1:50am by Lieutenant JG Sage Kessler

Making her way to her office, Sage detoured by her quarters to grab the artifact. Though, while alone, she took a few minutes to look around with a furrow of brows. She’d learned more during her time with Sharpe then she had the short time she’d been in this mirror world.

While they were both driven by their jobs, somehow, she’d managed to have gotten way ahead of herself in ranks in this universe. Of course, she couldn’t help but to wonder just who she was doing on the side to get that far. After all, something like that seemed to be the way things worked in this universe. Yes… Sage decided, she needed to check the records and see just how fast she made it though the ranks here.

Deciding it was time to get out of there before Johnny came home. Sage grabbed the satchel she’d put the artifact in and headed out. She had two missions, one… to get it scanned and the information onto a PaDD. And two… to see if she could get some Romulans helps. The latter being the harder of the two tasks.

Heading out with her head held high, she made her way down to the lab. “Continue on.” Sage said simply as she passed some of the other officers who all looked to her as she entered. Not bothering with them, she slipped into her office and over to her private work station.

“Computer, look the door and secure the room.” Sage spoke as she looked over her work station a moment. Damn… to have her own private one she thought with a soft sigh. Someday, she promised herself…. she would have her own private office, but she knew logically she still had a lot of learning and growing to do.

Only once the computer had acknowledged the room secured, did she pull out the artifact and place it on the work station. Fingers moved fluidly as she started running the needed scans. Enlarging the inscriptions to try and see them better, even if she wouldn’t be able to read them, her hopes was that the Romulans could at least look at everything without wanting to see the actual artifact. If they did though…. Well, she’d have to figure something out.

With the original scans done and everything downloaded onto a PaDD, Sage placed it aside before rising to grab a drink from the replicator. She needed to think a bit and try to figure out what happened and how to fix things. It wasn’t just her that was lost, there was others now also. And, who knew…. There could be strangers back in her universe, terrorizing her world and hurting those she cared about. That thought, had her pacing in her office.