Obsidian Command

Operational Missions

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Included Missions

Federation Day

Post Count: 237

Obsidian Command is hosting a massive festival to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the United Federation of Planets. On board will be dignitaries, entertainers and vacationers from across the quadrant, all looking for fun and excitement!

Prologue: The Refit

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Obsidian Command, after suffering a major attack, is moved under the Joint Fleet Command for guidance of refit and repair along with a brand new crew. Along the way they pick up a new station commander with a great deal of Romulan dealings on his crew.

New Tour Orders

Post Count: 17

After the crew has fought with and also partnered with various Romulan and mercenary groups, they receive new tour orders down in Romulan territory at Obsidian Command stardock, giving them a bit of respite from the front lines as well as an unsuspected surprise.

The Romulan Daehrra

Post Count: 0

The newly launched August and her crew must venture into Romulan space to contact the Empire. However, they will also be confronted with the Resistance movement along the way.


The Puzzle Begins

Post Count: 179

A gift from new friends sends the August and her crew on several new chases.

Marine War Games

Post Count: 13

The 92nd Marine Detachment will take off on their own war games, to practice and prepare for what the Federation hopes never happens, but the galaxy seems to force on them all too often.

The Void

Post Count: 4

Trapped in a vast but empty pocket of space, Obsidian Command is suddenly a ripe target for raiders, thieves and pirates...can they survive long enough to find a way to return the station to its home?