Obsidian Command

Deck Listing

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Decks 1-10

Primary Communications Array, Upper Sensor Array

Deck 11

Main Communications, Chief Communication Officer's Office, Primary Signal Maintenance Computer, Primary Signal Compositers

Decks 12-13

Main Operations, Captain's Ready Room, XO's Office, Quartermaster's Office, Secondary Long-Range Sensors (Upper)

Deck 14

Senior Officers' Conference Room, Observation Areas, Secondary Short-Range Sensors (Upper), Main Sensor Maintenance

Decks 15-20

Main Computer Core, Departmental Administrative Offices, Chief Intelligence Officer's Office, Lifepods

Decks 21-23

Non-Departmental Administrative Offices, Emergency Transporters, Weapons Storage, Auxiliary Environmental Control (Upper)

Deck 24

General Conference Room, Transporter Rooms 1-4, Holodecks 1-5 (official use only)

Decks 25-26

Civilian Directors' Administrative Offices, Starfleet Command Offices, VIP/Guest Quarters

Decks 27-28

Administrative Offices, VIP/Guest Quarters, Senior Officers' Quarters

Decks 29-43

Junior Officers' Quarters, Senior Officer/VIP Dining Room, Banquet Hall

Deck 44

Starfleet Gymnasium, Holodecks 6-15 (recreational)

Decks 45-80

Enlisted Quarters, Lifepods. Emergency Transporters

Decks 81-82

Main Science Labs 1-3, Main Astrometrics, Enlisted Quarters, Lifepods

Deck 83

Main Sickbay/Infirmary, Chief Medical Officer's Office, Chief Counsellor's Office, Medical Labs 1 & 2, Surgical Wards 1-3, Critical Triage Wards 1 & 2, Primary ICU, Transporter Rooms 5 & 6, Lifepods

Deck 84

Secondary Sickbay/Infirmary, Medical Labs 3-5, Biohazard Research, Stasis Units, Diplomatic Corps Office, Judge Advocate General Offices, Courtrooms, Lifepods

Deck 85

Backup Command Level Computer, Upper Stabilising Engines, Upper Phaser and Torpedo Controls, Primary Phaser Arrays (Upper), Torpedo Launchers, Torpedo Storage, Probe Storage

Decks 86-90

Federation Colonial Affairs, Diplomatic Communications Centre, Upper Stabilising Engines, Upper Manoeuvring Thrusters, Primary Shield Generators (Upper), Propulsion Fusion Reactors 1-3, Emergency Tactical Fusion Reactors

Decks 91-92

Main Summit Chamber, Diplomatic Conference Rooms, Federation Representatives' Offices, Emergency Transporters, Upper Stabilising Engines, Upper Maneuvering Thrusters, Propulsion Fusion Reactors 4-6

Decks 93-94

Embassies, Command Level Fusion Reactors 1 & 2, Reactant Storage, Command Level Main Power Distribution Network

Decks 95-99

Science Labs 3-18, Chief Science Officer's Office, Science Section Heads' Offices, Medical Bays 1 & 2, Cargo Bays 1-90, Cargo Transporters 1-40

Deck 100

Shuttle Commander's Office, Pilot Briefing Room/Ready Room, Pilot Lockers, Command Level Secondary Power Distribution Network, Secondary Shield Generators (Upper)

Decks 101-118

Secondary Operations, Secondary Astrometrics, Main Base Operations Power Grid, Secondary Base Fusion Reactors 1-16, Reactant Storage, Transporter Room 7

Decks 119-120

Tractor Beam Generator, Secondary Tractor Beam Control (Upper), Boatswain's Office, Cargo Bays 91-110, Cargo Transporters 41-60, Marine Offices, Marine Holodecks 1-4 (official use)

Decks 121-122

Marine Mess Hall, Marine Quarters, Marine Gymnasium, Weapons Storage, Medical Bays 3-5, Shuttlebays 1-20, Shuttle Storage, Shuttlebay Fusion Reactors 1 & 2, Transporter Room 8

Deck 123

Upper Promenade, Public Replimat, Shuttlebays 21-29, Shuttle Storage, Shuttle Maintenance, Shuttlebay Fusion Reactors 3 & 4

Deck 124

Shuttle Maintenance, Heavy Repairs Section, Shuttle Fabrication, Shuttlebay Fusion Reactor 5, Reactant Storage, Shuttlebay Power Distribution Network

Deck 125

Tractor Beam Generator, Main Tractor Beam Control (Upper), Auxiliary Sickbays 1-3, Replicator Stock Storage 1 & 2, Industrial Replicators 1-20, Transporter Rooms 9-19, Holodecks 16-19 (recreational)

Decks 126-190

Holodecks 20-24, Enlisted Quarters, Enlisted Mess Hall, Lifepods, Transporter Rooms 20-29, External Docking Ports, Power Transfer Conduits (external docking), Emergency Transporters

Decks 191-199

Main Doors Auxiliary Fusion Reactors 1-4, Reactant Storage, Upper Fusion Reactors (external ship support), External Docking Ports, Power Transfer Conduits (external docking)

Decks 200-210

Internal Docking Ports, Main Docking Bay Control Room, Internal Power Transfer Conduits, Auxiliary Sickbays 4-6

Decks 211-349

Tertiary Operations (OPS III), Main Docking Bay Emergency Control Room, Internal Docking Ports, Workbee Bays 1-35, Workbee Storage, Workbee Maintenance and Repair, Secondary Internal Tractor Emitters (Upper), Observation Areas, Deuterium S

Decks 350-575

Main Docking Bay Doors, Main Doors Primary Fusion Reactors 1-8, Reactant Storage, Deuterium and Antimatter Fill Ports, Transporter Rooms 30-49, Workbee Bays 36-60, Workbee Maintenance and Repair, Primary Internal Tractor Emitters, Emergency Batteries, Cargo Bays 111-350, Cargo Transporters 61-160, Internal Docking Ports, Primary Forcefield Generators 1-24, Replicator Stock Storage 3-16, Industrial Replicators 21-115, Life Support, Lifepods

Decks 576-585

Security Decks, Chief Security Officer's Office, Holding Cells (all environments), Brig, Weapons Storage, Master of Arms Office, Medical Bays 6 & 7, Emergency Transporters, Primary SIF Generators (Upper), Waste Recycling (Upper), Holodecks 25-27 (recreational), Transporter Rooms 50-59

Decks 586-687

Main Promenade (100 decks), FCPD Offices, Arboretum, Main External Docking Ports, Middle Fusion Reactors (external ship support), Civilian Quarters, Public Recreational Holosuites 1-70, Public Gymnasium, Transporter Rooms 50-109, Visiting Crew Quarters, Emergency Batteries, Life Support, Middle Sensor Array, Middle Sensor Maintenance, Emergency Transporters, Lifepods

Decks 688-1,000

Visiting Crew Quarters, Civilian Quarters, School Rooms, Education Centres, Historical Libraries, Museums, Medical Bays 8-10, Middle Phaser and Torpedo Controls, Primary Phaser Arrays (Middle), Torpedo Launchers, Torpedo Storage, Primary Shield Generators (Middle), Tactical Sensors, Engineering Support Labs, Science Labs 19-24, Secondary Computer Cores (3), Lower Promenade, Public Replimat, Observation Decks, Flight Command Crew and Flight Staff Quarters, Maneuvering Thrusters, Weapons Storage, Auxiliary Operations, Emergency Batteries, Emergency Tactical Fusion Reactors, Reactant Storage, Shuttlebays 30-33, Primary SIF Generators (Middle), Waste Recycling (Middle), Waste Management Centre, Emergency Transporters, Lifepods

Starfleet Academy Annex, Loki Sector(900: Administration Offices, Conference Rooms, Annex Observation Lounges 1-4, Primary Annex Briefing Theatre, 901-902: Teaching Areas, Lecture Theatres, Classrooms, 903: Academy Holodecks 1-4, 904: Recreation Area with Refectory, 906-907: Practical Teaching Areas, Workshops, Training Facilities, Academy Locker Rooms, Secondary Annex Briefing Theatre, 908: Annex Administration and Instructional Housing, 909: Cadet Barracks and Readiness Preparation Rooms)

Decks 1,001-1,100

Primary Environmental Control, Middle Shuttlebay and Control Room, Shuttle Storage, Shuttle Maintenance and Repair, Shuttlebay Fusion Reactors 6-11, Heavy Repairs Section, Shuttle Fabrication, Reactant Storage, Middle Shuttlebay Power Distribution Network, Internal Power Transfer Conduits, Upper Internal Tractor Emitters, Observation Areas, Primary Forcefield Generators 25-27, Deuterium Storae, Antimatter Tanks, Engineering Support Labs

Decks 1101-1400

Auxiliary Operations (OPS IV), Lower Shuttlebay and Control Room, Shuttle Storage, Shuttle Maintenance and Repair, Shuttlebay Fusion Reactors 12-17, Reactant Storage, Lower Internal Tractor Emitters, Observation Areas, Primary Forcefield Generators 28-30, Tractor Beam Control, Generators and Emitters (Middle), Lower Shuttlebay Power Distribution Network, Internal Power Transfer Conduits, Medical Bays 11 & 12, Cargo Bays 351-450, Cargo Transporters 161-200, Transporter Rooms 110-129, Emergency Batteries, Replicator Stock Storage 17-26, Industrial Replicators 116-205, Engineering Support Labs, Weapons Storage, Life Support

Decks 1,401-1,894

VIP/Guest Quarters, Civilian Quarters, Medical Bays 13-16, Holosuites 71-140, Transporter Rooms 130-139, Auxiliary Environmental Control (Middle), Secondary Shield Generators (Middle), Emergency Transporters, Lifepods

Decks 1,895-2,060

Engineering Computer Core, Main Engineering, Chief Engineer's Office, Engineering Labs, Prototype Technology Bay, Weapons Storage, Replicator Stock Storage 27-30, Industrial Replicators 206-245, Waste Recycling (Lower), Secondary Tractor Beam Control (Lower), Large Craft Module Repair Centre, Maintenance Bays 1-25, Primary SIF Generators (Lower)

Decks 2,061-2,450

Main Tractor Beam Control (Lower), Tractor Beam Generator, Auxiliary Sickbays 7-10, Lower Manoeuvring Thrusters, Primary Shield Generators (Lower), Lower Stabilising Engines, Propulsion Fusion Reactors 7-10, Emergency Tactical Fusion Reactors, Reactant Storage, Deuterium Storage, Antimatter Tanks, Cargo Bays 451-550, Cargo Transporters 201-250, Engineering Support Labs, Maintenance Bays 26-55, Shuttlebays 34-41, Shuttle Storage, Shuttle Maintenance, Shuttlebay Fusion Reactors 18 & 19, Shuttlebay Power Distribution Network, Transporter Room 140, Primary Phaser Arrays (Lower), Torpedo Launchers, Torpedo Storage, Probe Storage

Decks 2,451-2,500

Advanced Telescope Array, Lower Phaser and Torpedo Controls, Emergency Tactical Fusion Reactors, Reactant Storage, Weapons Storage, Secondary Communications Array, Secondary Signal Maintenance Computer, Secondary Signal Compositers, Lower Sensor Array, Lower Sensor Maintenance, Secondary Long-Range Sensors (Lower), Secondary Short-Range Sensors (Lower), Secondary Sensor Maintenance, Emergency Transporters, Lifepods, Manoeuvring Thrusters, Secondary Shield Generators (Lower)