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Police Lieutenant Matt Butler

Name Matt Butler

Position Patrol Officer

Rank Police Lieutenant

Character Information

Species Human
Age 32
Gender Male
Homeworld New York City, New York, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Weight 230 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Matt is extremely tall and very muscular build. He keeps his hair a little longer on top and slicked back and face clean-shaven both on and off duty.


Father Sean Butler (68)
Mother Marina Butlet (64)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Matt is a very laid back and easy going man. He loves to laugh and make jokes. He is also a fan of the ladies, always flirting whenever he gets the chance to. He can be seen as kind of a slacker in his personal life but when it comes to working he gets down to business. He takes charge and is well respected by his peers. Matt is also very impulsive and willing to make risky decisions at the drop of a hat.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
+ Laid back
+ Personable
+ Smart
+ Friendly
+ Outgoing
+ A leader

- Impulsive
- Flirtatious
- Sarcastic
- Commitment Issues
Hobbies & Interests Playing the drums, picking up women, surfing


Personal History Matt was born in New York City, New York to two workaholic Emergency Room doctors. He was a very rambunctious child, often getting dirty and into trouble at school and at home. He was a daredevil, always climbing tall trees and buildings much to the chagrin of his babysitters. As he grew older, Matt continued his adventurer ways, often getting into hijinx with his friends such as racing cars and partying during the weekends. He was a very popular guy in high school, having a large number of friends and girlfriends. He wasn't the most invested in his studies,

As he neared the end of his time in high school, Matt was considering different types of careers that were dangerous and full of adventure. A recruiter from the Federation Civilian Police Department spoke at his high school, piquing Matt's interest in working in a field where he would be able to face different and often dangerous situations on a daily basis. Even with his lackluster grades and slightly aloof personality, Matt made it into the Federation Police Academy at the age of 18.

During his time there, he was ousted immediately for being cocky and brash by the instructors. He was on their shit-list and became the butt of their torments and punishments, constantly testing him to see if he would crack at any point. The embarrassing lectures seemed to work; they forced him to understand that he couldn't get through life with just his good looks and strong physical stature. He had to learn to use his natural street smarts and charismatic ability to accomplish his work and be taken seriously in the department.

Upon graduation, Matt spent his career going from one starbase to another every two or three years. He enjoyed the day to day patrol work, being able to run around and capture wanted criminals and be a protector. However, he had a strong fear of commitment and felt the need to not be settled down in any one place.

At the age of 27, Matt transferred to Starbase Command, enjoying the large base and officers he worked with. After two years, he met and began dating a new officer, MacKenzie Sullivan, and became inseparable from her. The longer they dated, the more Matt began freaking out about the potential life-long commitment (even though MacKenzie never pressured him into anything since she had the same aloof type of personality). his impulsive nature led him to put in for a base transfer without telling her until the day he left. MacKenzie was understandably upset and broke up with Matt. He had truly been in love with the woman and immediately regretted his freak out.

After a year of being at another base, Matt made the decision to come back to Obsidian Command. He was miserable at his new home, missed his fellow officers, and secretly hoped he would be able to reconcile with MacKenize. She couldn't forgive him for his heartbreak but continued to still remain a close friend of his, enjoying working with him and hanging out.

When Matt was 32, after showing more and more initiative and leadership amongst the officers, Matt was promoted to Sergeant, much to his surprise and amazement.

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