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Lieutenant J'Dan Nao

Name J'Dan Nao

Position Inactive

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Species Orion
Age 32
Gender Male
Orientation Fluid (Bi-Sexual)
Homeworld Orion
Languages Orion, Federation Standard, broken Klingon, broken Ferengi, broken Nausicaan, a few choice phrases from multiple other species.

Physical Appearance

Height 6'6"
Weight 250 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Like most Orions, J’Dan’s skin is a deep shade of green, but unlike most Orion males, J’Dan has a head full of black, curly hair. His hair is shoulder length and whilst on duty is normally pulled back in either a ponytail or a top knot. When not on duty he normally leaves it to hang freely. Sometimes he attempts to straighten it, but this requires a lot of effort and because of its think nature, normally starts to revert back to its naturally curly state before the day’s end.

However, the first thing people notice about J’Dan, isn’t his hair, it’s his formidable form. He is bigger and stronger than the average human male and uses that to his advantage, especially in his role of security. This mixed with his scars (one across his left eye, one on the left side of his neck and several on his chest, stomach, and back) and his body art (tattoos on both arms, chest, back, and legs and several body piercings), make him look as though he is a person you wouldn’t want to mess with.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Edon Nao (Deceased)
Mother S'oLo
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Shane ‘Max’ Maxwell (Deceased) & Jennifer Maxwell (Unofficial Guardians)

Personality & Traits

General Overview J’Dan’s personality is an odd mix between his life spent with his father, his life after his father died and his time spent in Starfleet. The journeys and adventures him and his father used to go on give J’Dan a very curious nature. He became very interested in different alien races and cultures and wanted to learn as much as he could about them. J’Dan’s father was a man of the universe, he had learned over many, many years the pitfalls and traps when it came to dealing with different alien races. He passed this knowledge on to his only son which ignited a true passion for learning as much as he could about different cultures, sometimes with disastrous results. Because of these early experiences, J’Dan finds it very easy to get on with people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

After his father died, J’Dan found himself alone and having to fend for himself. He used his knowledge of different cultures to keep himself alive. He saw a much darker side to life than the one his father had shown him which gave J’Dan a much tougher skin. The boy that used to trust easily died when his father had, all that remained was the man who couldn’t rely on anyone but himself. On Orion, only the strongest survived and J’Dan was determined to survive. He relied on his instincts and his natural ability to pack a punch. He often punched first and asked questions later. This tactic often got him in a lot of trouble but it definitely saved his life on more than one occasion. Another result of his father’s death was the constant rage and anger that now boiled inside of him. He wanted nothing more than to kill the people responsible.

Joining Starfleet gave J’Dan a sense of focus and responsibility. He learned how to channel his anger, most of the time. He can still be confrontational and headstrong and it may appear at times as though he doesn’t respect the chain of command; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The love and loyalty he feels towards Starfleet can never be expressed in words. He knows without them he would most likely be dead and that is a debt he is trying to repay every day of his life.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Loyal
+Trained in multiple forms of martial arts
+Skilled marksman
+Skilled swordsman
+Gets on with most people
+Curious about people and different cultures
-Acts first, thinks later
-Can be emotionally closed off
-Has anger issues
-Can be a little reckless
Ambitions Repay a debt to Jennifer by being the best Starfleet officer he possibly can and keeping people safe, the way Max did for him.
Hobbies & Interests Learning and mastering multiple forms of martial arts, socialising, detective holonovels, the phaser range, gym, most forms of physical sports, boxing, nutrition, ritualistic knives/swords/daggers and sword fighting.


Personal History J’Dan was born in 2362 to Edon and S’oLo. The pair weren’t married, or even together, and to say J’Dan was a mistake would be the biggest understatement of the century. Despite all of this J’Dan was wanted, by Edon at least, and shortly after his birth Edon took full custody of the boy and S’oLo returned back to the Orion underworld from where she had come from.

Edon wasn’t rich but he had a small ship, a lucrative business (albeit a slightly illegal one), and a map of the stars. He and J’Dan sailed the cosmos trading from planet to ship to starbase to settlement, rarely visiting the same place twice and making plenty of friends and some enemies along the way. It wasn’t really the life for a child, but J’Dan didn’t care, he loved their adventures and Edon loved having his little co-pilot with him; especially one who could crawl into tight places undetected.

When J’Dan was 12, Edon’s past finally caught up with him and when he had run out of options he turned to the Orion Syndicate to help him get out of trouble. He knew they would ask a heavy price but he had run out of ideas. Edon started working for the Syndicate, a few small jobs at first but then they got riskier and riskier. By the time J’Dan was 14, Edon had had enough and was ready to start a new life, just him, his son and new identities. But there is only one way out of the Syndicate and once Edon’s plan had been exposed, Kr’Deen (the head of the Syndicate Cell that Edon was working for), ordered his death.

So at 14 years old, J’Dan was orphaned, alone, scared, and full of rage. He used his wits, knowledge of alien cultures, and brawn to stay alive. He stole when he was hungry, sold his body when he needed somewhere to stay and fought when he got so angry he thought the rage was going to destroy him from the inside out. After he had been stabbed for the sixth or seventh time he decided he needed to channel his anger and get the men who had killed his Dad. He got a job at one of the clubs known to be a Syndicate hangout so he could gather intel on the group, their movements, and the whereabouts of Kr’Deen. Within a few years, he moved up from general dog’s body to one of the few ‘Orion Slave Boys’ in the district.

It was in the club that he first met Max. Max was different from everyone else who regularly visited the club and not only because he was human. There was an air of authority about him, a coldness that J’Dan had never seen in a human being in all the 17 years he had been alive. It took months of sleeping with people for Intel to find out that Max was one of Kr’Deen men and was the closet lead J’Dan had had since his father’s death. It took a few more months of J’Dan literally stalking Max for him to get more suspicious of the man than he had been before. One night J’Dan confronted him, he easily overpowered the human and had a dagger to his pink throat when Max confessed he was an undercover Starfleet officer and was building up a case against Kr’Deen and his cell.

They met a few times after that and Max somehow managed to convince J’Dan that killing Kr’Deen wasn’t the best option, but allowing him to rot on a Federation penal colony was. They planned to set up Kr’Deen using J’Dan as bait, this would get Max the evidence he needed and hopefully douse the fire of revenge burning in J’Dan’s heart. However, Max hadn’t realised how hot those flames were and J’Dan couldn’t help but reveal his true identity to Kr’Deen. Kr’Deen pulled out a phaser to kill the boy but Max threw himself on him just as it was about to go off. The phaser exploded killing both Max and Kr’Deen.

J’Dan fled Orion on the first ship he could get passage on. He had no money and no possessions but that felt oddly comforting to him, he finally felt free. He managed to track down Max’s wife, Jennifer and gave her a full account of what happened. Though she was obviously upset, Jennifer didn’t blame J’Dan. Max had secretly sent her a few messages during his undercover operation and the latter ones had all talked about the boy and the good in his heart. J’Dan stayed with Jennifer for a while as they both mourned the loss of their loved ones. Jennifer managed to talk J’Dan into going to Starfleet Academy. Though he was rough around the edges, Jennifer knew J’Dan would be a great addition and it would also give him the focus and discipline he clearly craved.

J’Dan attended the Academy without any major incident. He got into a few fights and was known around campus for getting into philosophical debates with the teachers but apart from that, he was rather liked. He majored in Security and Intelligence and minored in Strategic Operations and 24th Century Alpha Quadrant History. He was on the academy boxing team and often won medals for the school. In his third year J’Dan started having trouble with some of the elitism in the academy, especially the group known as Red Squad, and by the fourth year, J’Dan decided he didn’t have the heart for school anymore.

J’Dan spent the next few months wasting his time and potential, getting into trouble and creating a reputation for himself. He was visited by Jennifer who reminded him why he wanted to serve in Starfleet in the first place and the debt he owed to Max. J’Dan bucked up his ideas and with the help of Jennifer he re-entered the academy and completed his fourth and final year. Aged 25, he was finally ready for his Starfleet career to begin.

J’Dan kept his head down and his nose clean, he wanted to learn as much as he could and was happy to work up the ranks to attain a higher position in the security department. In 2390 he took the Advanced Tactical training course and passed with top marks and the following year he received his first promotion. However, in 2392 whilst serving aboard the USS Echopoint he disobeyed a direct order and put the safety of the away team in danger. Luckily no lives were lost but this was a wake-up call to J’Dan who thought he knew everything there was to know. He was demoted back to Ensign and assigned a desk job at the Starfleet Security Offices back on Earth. This incident shattered his reputation and J’Dan thought his Starfleet career was over before it had begun.

Once again Jennifer came to the rescue. She was the Executive Officer aboard the USS Phoenix and pulled some strings to get J’Dan back in the field. He spent the next 19 months as a lowly Brig Officer but he didn’t mind, he was just happy to be back on a starship again. Slowly he has rebuilt his reputation and thanks to the trust and faith of Jennifer, he is ready to head his own department and protect the lives he sworn he would when he first joined the academy.
Service Record 2387 - Sept - Ensign - USS Freedom - Security Officer (Delta Shift) - 15 months
2389 - Jan - Ensign - USS Freedom - Security/Tactical Officer (Alpha Shift) - 12 months
2390 - Jan - Ensign - Starfleet Academy - Advanced Tactical Training - 9 months
2390 - Sept - Ensign - USS Echopoint - Armory Officer - 7 months
2391 - Apr - LT (JG) - USS Echopoint - Master-at-Arms - 10 months
2392 - Feb - Ensign - Starfleet Security Offices - Desk Job - 12 months
2393 - Feb - Ensign - USS Phoenix - Brig Officer - 19 months
2394 - Sept - LT (JG) - Obsidian Command/USS August - Chief of Security/Tactical - ongoing

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Overall Sim and RPG Experience I have been writing since the age of 18 on various different Star Trek and X-Men sims.