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Police Detective Annie Ayers

Name Annie Ayers

Position Detective Bureau Officer

Rank Police Detective

Character Information

Species Human
Age 21
Gender Female
Homeworld Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, Earth
Languages English

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Annie’s hair is long and straight, often thrown up in a bun on and off duty. She is very muscular and athletic after being berated for her lack small size and lack of strength in the police academy.


Father John Fischer (57)
Mother Drina Fischer (53)
Brother(s) Jacob Fischer (deceased at 17)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Annie is quiet and observant, usually keeps to herself when it comes to being in groups of people. She is very methodical, always thinking ahead and calculating her moves. Her intelligence and ability to learn new skills quickly makes up for her smaller build when it comes to police work. Annie is a very hard worker and dedicated to her work on the Force. She is liked and well respected among her coworkers and friends.

Recently she has started to open up a bit, taking more risks when it comes to the social aspect of her life. She has become more impulsive and trusting of others, however her young age/lack of experience has caused her to be blind to certain situations and consequences.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
+ Intelligent
+ Methodical
+ Observant

- Quiet
- Somber
- Inexperienced


Personal History Annie was born to John and Denise Ayers, overprotective parents who live in Las Vegas, NV, Earth. Annie had an older brother, Jacob, who was 3 years older than her. The family was very close, spending most of their spare time together so their parents could keep an eye on them. Annie and Jacob were well behaved as kids, doing well in school and staying out of trouble. As Jacob grew older he became more outgoing with his classmates, spending more time outside of the home and going to parties. Annie remained meek, focusing on her schoolwork and staying at home.

When Annie was 14, Jacob died after drinking too much and falling off the roof of a house at a party. As A result, John and Denise became much more overprotective of Annie, blaming outside influences on their son's death. They refused to let Annie go anywhere without them chaperoning. Annie at first went along with it since she was shy and didn't have many friends. As she grew older, she became frustrated with not being able to have a normal teenage life. As soon as Annie turned 18, she secretly packed a bag and joined the Federation Police Academy after being intrigued by the dangers of the job. This was very much unlike her, but after being suffocated for so long she realized she needed to break free and try something new. It was also a way to get revenge on her parents for keeping her locked inside their house for almost 4 years.

Annie did well in the academic portion of the Academy but received a lot of flack from the fellow cadets and instructors for being small. Using that to push herself, she focused on working out and gaining a more intimidating muscular body. Upon graduation, Annie decided to venture out even further and transferred to Obsidian Command where she continues to live and work.

Her relationship with her parents remains nonexistent since she ran off to the Academy. Her parents never showed up to her graduation. As a result, Annie decided to cut all ties with her family and change her last name from Fischer to Ayers to help her start a new life on her first assignment.

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