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Police Sergeant MacKenzie Sullivan

Name MacKenzie Sullivan

Position Patrol Officer

Rank Police Sergeant

Character Information

Species Human
Age 23
Gender Female
Homeworld Columbus, Ohio, United States, Earth
Languages English

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9”
Weight 150 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description MacKenzie has long blonde hair and sharp blue eyes. She is tall with lean muscles and is much stronger than she looks thanks to her numerous hours training with her dad growing up and in the gym.


Father Lewis Sullivan (41)
Mother Jayna Sullivan (41)

Personality & Traits

General Overview MacKenzie is a very outgoing, strong-willed woman. She is very tough both physically and mentally, remaining unphased and calm during times of stress. She keeps herself at an emotional distance from people, especially after her and her father were abandoned by her mother.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
+ Physically and mentally strong
+ Outgoing
+ Loyal
+ Energetic

- Hates showing her weakness
- Prideful
- Emotionally distant
- Flirty
- Has a hard time sitting still for long periods of time
Hobbies & Interests Working out, wrestling, drinking, flirting


Personal History MacKenzie was born to Lewis and Jayna Sullivan in Columbus, Ohio, both young adults surprised by the accidental pregnancy. They rushed to marry thinking it would make their new family feel more stable and secure. However, after the birth of MacKenzie, Jayna felt the pressure of being a mom and left Lewis and MacKenzie one night without a word. Lewis made a promise to MacKenzie to never falter and never leave her behind. The pair were inseparable as Lewis took care of MacKenzie by himself while going through college and into his career as a sports coach at Ohio State University on Earth.

MacKenzie grew up as a tomboy, heavily influenced by her father's jockish tendencies. She learned to fight and keep up physically with the boys in her class. However, as she grew older, MacKenzie began realizing she was more than just a jock and daughter of a jock. She began exploring more of her feminine side, realizing she was the object of her male classmates' looks and affections. Because of her father keeping a tight leash on her as a child, MacKenzie rebelled against his house rules. She stayed out late, drank, partied, experimented with boys, and fought more and more with him. She always enjoyed the adrenaline rush of breaking rules and keeping her dad on his toes.

As she made her way through school, MacKenzie realized she was more street smart and physical than book smart. Her father understood this and tried to use this to her, and his, advantage. As she crept closer to 18, MacKenzie began worrying more and more about turning into her mother, and her dad had that same fear. He was the one who suggested she look to a more physical career. The adrenaline rush of chasing bad guys and protecting civilians drew the woman to work as a police officer but she sought a more challenging assignment. She landed on becoming an officer for the Federation with the hopes of being able to travel and work in different parts of the galaxy.

After going through the academy, doing well in the physical courses but having difficulty in the more academic courses, MacKenzie immediately put in for a more backwoods assignment. When she arrived at Obsidian Command, she immediately met and fell in love with Matt Butler, a much older police officer that worked on base. After a year of dating and potentially getting serious, Matt panicked over the commitment and put in for a transfer to another base without telling MacKenzie. When he told her on his last day on Obsidian, MacKenzie broke up with him. Eventually, Matt came back to the base, realizing what a huge mistake he had made, and asked for MacKenzie's forgiveness. She forgave him but lost her trust in him when it came to another relationship with him. MacKenzie and Matt remained close friends and coworkers, often working side by side while pushing their past relationship behind them.

During the two years after the breakup, MacKenzie focused more on work and less on a stable relationship. She quickly gained a reputation for being a little easy with men. After being on the base for 3 years, she met and began dating Marine Adam Towers. They quickly bonded, having fought together during a base attack. After a month of dating, MacKenzie found out she was pregnant with his child. Even though it was unplanned, and Towers had a varying schedule and would be away on missions for days or weeks at any time, MacKenzie decided she wanted to keep the baby in order to further prove she was not like her mother.

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