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Police Captain Ari "Archie" Reed

Name Ari "Archie" Reed

Position Detective Bureau Lead

Rank Police Captain

Character Information

Species Human
Age 29
Gender Female
Orientation Straight
Homeworld Earth
Languages English

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Ari has thick, dark brown, long hair which usually unkempt, along with her appearance. When not in her Starfleet uniform, Ari is usually seen in a plain white form-fitting t-shirt, dark jeans, and motorcycle boots.

Ari has a very athletic build with strong, lean muscles.She makes sure she looks physically imposing since she has a small frame.

Ari has a large octopus on her right upper arm and a cluster of three sunflowers on her left upper arm. She has massive scarring on her upper back and left shoulder from a near fatal motorcycle accident when she was 16.


Spouse Paul Reed (40)
Children Currently pregnant with their first child
Father James Porter (60)
Mother Camille Porter (51)
Brother(s) Garrett (33), Finn (31), Andy (29), Charlie (25)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ari is a very athletic girl. She can be seen surfing on the ocean or riding her motorcycle along the highway. Growing up with four brothers and being the middle child influenced her to be tougher and a tomboy. Because they were all born very close in age to each other, they were very close with each other, almost inseparable. While they considered Ari as just one of the guys, they were very protective of her if she ever got into trouble.

Ari is strong, outgoing, and energetic. She loves being around people and takes the time to get to know everyone on a personal level. She and her brothers were very popular in school, always throwing parties whenever they could.

Ari is laid back as well, making sure she’s having fun no matter what she’s doing. Her sense of humor comes out at sometimes the most inopportune times, often when she’s feeling very sad or nervous. She uses it as a way to keep up her strong appearance and personality.

Along with being friendly and outgoing, Ari has a dark side. She is a bad girl, having difficulty following rules and directions. She always did whatever she wanted even if she broke a few laws on the way.

Ari uses humor to calm herself and others around her during times of stress and danger. She is adventurous and always up for a good time. She has a sense of fun and energy about her that she uses to her advantage. She is always willing to try something new, whether it’s a new activity or a new food.

Ari is also a very flirtatious person. She is very charming and charismatic and knows how to talk to people. She uses her looks to her advantage but also likes the attention she gets from it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ari is a very strong-willed woman with a very independent spirit. With this strong-will comes a desire to have her way as often as she possibly can, sometimes using manipulation tactics to succeed. She never seems fazed by any challenge thrown her way. She focuses well and can read people to figure out what their next move is. Her skills as a fighter help her in other aspects of her life. She is ready to defend herself and her beliefs without budging. She loves to learn, and takes any opportunity to pick up on new information, whether it’s a new sport or recipe or a new tactical formation.

While her strength and focus is her biggest strength, it can also be her biggest weakness. Ari doesn’t like to be put in vulnerable positions where she shows any signs of weakness. Whenever her vulnerability begins to show, she attempts to hide it with a joke. This causes people to not take her seriously.

With her bad girl image, she always hated when people told her how to do things. She always loved doing things her way, becoming defiant with authoritative people.
Ambitions Ari’s main ambition was to have the best time she could in her life, whether that’s running her own Police Department or retiring down at the beach when she gets older. Ari still manages to live her life mostly one day at a time.
Hobbies & Interests Ari loves to surf. She is at her best when she’s at the beach surrounded by her brothers. She loves to grab her surf board and head for the biggest and best waves she can. She also loves to play the guitar, mostly playing historical songs from the mid to late 20th century.


Personal History Ari Porter was born in Venice Beach, California to Camille and Tony. They were very hardworking and very successful lawyers in Southern California, spending most of their time at the office. Whenever they were home, however, they were very neglectful with their responsibilities due to putting in overtime. Ari and her brothers spent most of their childhood in day care settings. They were all very close in age, helping keep their bond very close. However, Ari was the closest to Finn and Andy.

As the Porter kids grew older, they spent most of their free time at the beach surfing, partying, and playing music. They were always out, only going home to sleep, and rarely talked to their parents. Oftentimes they were sent home by the cops because of their loitering late at night. The police officers around Venice Beach became familiarized with the Porters as they reached their teens.

Ari was a very brilliant girl but showed no interest in school. She was often bored, constantly looking outside of her window at the waves crashing along the shore. The only classes that seemed to interest her were science and anatomy. She loved learning about the human body, picking up on all its nuances like she was learning the alphabet. Unfortunately, she continued to lose focus on school and preferred to be out on her own living by her own rules.

When she was 16, Ari’s parents bought her a motorcycle as a birthday gift. A few months later as she was riding along the highway, she attempted to avoid a large tree branch that was blocking part of the road. Unfortunately, Ari was going so fast on the turn the bike slid onto its right side, dragging Ari with it down the road. The next thing she remembered was waking up in the hospital after going through surgery to repair burned and torn skin and bones. Her brothers stayed by her bed throughout her ordeal, never leaving her alone in the hospital. After she was released, it seemed the near-death experience made Ari lose sight on her future, focusing on each moment she lived since it all could end at any moment.

It seemed Ari was getting more and more into trouble with the law. She was most known for destroying property and loitering. Her older brother Garrett graduated high school first and went off to San Francisco to become a Journalist for the United Federation of Planets. A year later Finn graduated but stayed in Venice Beach to become a professional surfer and to stay with Ari as she finished school.

Andy, Ari’s closest sibling both in age and personality, barely graduated from high school. He still had his party mentality, mostly due to his close relationship with Ari. To celebrate Andy’s graduation, 17 year old Ari, 19 year old Finn, 15 year old Charlie, and 18 year old Andy went out to the beach on the night of his graduation to surf and set up a bonfire. A group of young guys came along and started harassing Ari, who had gone off to dip her feet in the water alone. To defend herself Ari punched one of the guys in the jaw, where he fell back onto the ground. The rest of his friends grabbed a hold of Ari. All she could do was scream and hope someone, anyone, could hear her. Fortunately, Finn and Andy did, coming to her rescue and creating a brawl. The police had been alerted as well and brought them all down to the station.

There was one officer, Joseph Thomlinson, who knew of Ari and her brothers all too well. He had some compassion for them, knowing she didn’t grow up with strong parental figures, and gave her a challenge: he will let them go if Ari would enlist in Starfleet. He believed the discipline and education would help set them on the right path. Joseph was especially hopeful with Ari, knowing her fighting skills and strong sense of protection would get her very far there.

As the Porters walked back home through the dark and empty streets of Venice Beach, Ari lagged behind her rowdy brothers. She thought deeply of what Officer Thomlinson had said. She didn't want to go to a penal colony. She also didn't feel like she would succeed in a completely military lifestyle or four years of training. Officer Thomlinson had worked briefly as a civilian police officer for Starfleet before moving back home to work in Venice Beach where he grew up as well. She was never one to turn down a challenge. Especially one that was presented by such a handsome man. She could train for two years and come back home to her brothers. And to him.

The sound of a motorcycle covered Ari’s train of thought. Turning around, a smile drew across the girl’s face. Joseph couldn't help but see something amazing in her. At that moment the age difference didn't even occur to him (he was 23 years old at the time). Without even thinking, the man pulled up next to Ari, jumped off of his bike, and kissed her.

The pair dated secretly due to the age difference, sneaking off and trying to get as much time together before Ari went to the Starfleet Civilian Police Academy the next year. Only Andy knew of their relationship; Ari and Joseph couldn't risk too many people knowing. It would ruin her reputation and his career.

Ari finished off her last year of high school strongly in preparation for her move to San Francisco. She couldn't disappoint Joseph, or herself. She also learned and matured a lot, cutting back on her hardcore partying and bonfire brawls. She saw what Joseph was seeing in her: a smart, tough, determined young woman. She would be able to live a more fulfilling and successful life if she grew up and made a name for herself.

The night before Ari was leaving for the Academy, Andy had seen Joseph walk up to their house, almost forgetting to slip off his wedding ring as he knocked on the door. Beating Ari to the door, Andy opened the door, landing a solid punch on the unsuspecting Joseph’s jaw and sending him to the ground. Without missing a beat, Andy demanded the man to tell his sister the truth about his wedding ring. Knowing he couldn't chance hurting his reputation even more, Joseph confessed. He actually was married, only wearing his wedding ring when he was off duty and not with Ari. Ari felt like an idiot for not knowing or even figuring it out.

Ari promptly ended her affair and drinking away her misery with her brothers and her friends. She now had a damn good reason for leaving to go to the police academy. And an even better reason to stay away from Venice Beach.

Ari moved in with Garrett while attending the Police Academy. The girl excelled in her classes, using this new opportunity to reinvent herself. She wanted to erase Joseph from her life and her memory. She stayed away from dating, seeing how Joseph had influenced her life so much when he was two-timing her anyway. She focused on her family and friends, keeping away from romantic relationships.

Ari graduated from the Academy with high marks. All four of her brothers attended her graduation including Finn and Lee, even though they stayed in Venice Beach. Ari had shaken off some of her bad girl behavior but kept her tough and passionate personality.

After graduation, 20 year old Ari continued training on the Academy base, augmenting the Starfleet Security program around the campus. She was well liked and noticed by the police brass, known by them as an intelligent and hard working and tactically minded. She promoted quickly, earning the rank of Sergeant at 25 after only five years on. While she enjoyed her time in San Francisco, Ari was eager to move to another station to get more action and have a challenging career. Her brothers convinced her that promoting and moving to a larger station would be best for her, even if that meant she would be leaving them.

When Ari was 26, she had met an Engineering instructor, Daniel Brandt, while assisting one of her patrol officers on a break in of his office (a former student had tried to break in in a failed attempt at stealing test material). As she talked with him, even long after the report was completed by the officer, she knew something was different about him. He had a smart and polite Midwestern charm about him. She was smitten, ignoring her almost permanent ban on dating and relationships after the Joseph fiasco.

Daniel and Ari bonded immediately, becoming inseparable during their time together. Within their first year together Ari had spoken to Daniel about her plans to promote and transfer to a starbase within the next year or two. Daniel, who was 39, had welcomed the idea and even suggested that he go with her. He had spent too much time at the Academy; it was time for him to go back out in space.

After three more years on, Ari promoted to Lieutenant, becoming a staple and major leader in the Department. Her promotion granted her a spot at one of the Federation’s largest starbases, Starbase Command, a change much needed in Ari’s life.

After her arrival on base, she reunited with her old beat partner Paul Reed. They had met in the academy when Paul was an instructor. He took an immediate liking to the young cadet, taking her under his wing and guiding her throughout her studies. He had seen a spark and a thought process that was hard to find: she was intelligent and quick on her feet, doing her best when she was put under stress. He trusted her with his life, going back to patrol to partner with her. They immediately bonded, becoming inseparable but also aware of the anti-nepotism. They could never date, but enjoyed spending every moment they could together. When Ari was 23, Paul took a Sergeant promotion and headed to Starbase Command. On the night of his going away party, Paul became highly intoxicated and quite a handful, enough for his girlfriend at the time to ask Ari to take him home because she couldn't handle him. After Ari dropped Paul off at his apartment, the pair finally hooked up, leaving them unsure about how to handle their future. Paul decided to stay with his girlfriend, proposing to her as they moved to the Starbase. Ari was heartbroken, but understood that, while she had strong feelings for him, it could never work out with their distance.

Ari's reunion with Paul led to a rekindling of her feelings, realizing that she wanted and needed to be with him. Though she had to keep her feelings to herself due to not wanting to be transferred off of the base and away from him. She enjoyed working with Paul and trusted him with her life.

The Penumbra attack, during which Ari was kidnapped and held hostage by one of the members, shook their relationship into overdrive. Paul kissed Ari, showing her that he could never be without her. They made an effort to keep their relationship a secret from their management, though the pair's closest friends began putting two and two together.

During the aftermath of the attack, Ari was promoted to Captain, overlooking the FCPD Main Promenade team, and becoming the youngest Captain in FCPD history at the age of 28.

After a few months of dating news of Archie and Paul's relationship reached the higher-ups, causing a stir in the anti-nepotism policy. Archie was moved over to the newly developed Investigations section of the FCPD/Base Security and was banned from reporting to Paul. However, the pair took the news better than others may have. Archie had been interested in moving over, finding the politics and the paperwork of the patrol side a little tiresome.

After the move, Paul and Archie became officially engaged. They made the decision for Archie to be taken off the birth control shot, expecting for the effects to take months to wear off. However, Archie immediately became pregnant with a boy. While on vacation together, the pair made an impulsive decision to elope without anyone knowing.

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