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Marine Captain Levi Drake

Name Levi Drake

Position Marine Officer

Rank Marine Captain

Character Information

Species Human
Age 39
Gender Male
Homeworld Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Six-feet-five-inches of solid muscle-mass, Levi is practically a walking advertisement for men's fitness.


Father Joseph
Mother Sophia
Sister(s) Mia & Brittany - twin sisters (34)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Levi is an older soldier, very slowly having progressed through the ranks. Not gung-ho by any means, he is a very effective and very efficient soldier - and his men are expected to follow the same code.

Although his primary specialism is in demolitions, Levi has formal training in heavy weapons, and holds the record for fastest win in the marine boxing tournament held annually at Fort Preston on Mars.


Personal History Levi's family upbringing wasn't particularly happy or positive, and from a young age he found himself part of a bad crowd. He doesn't talk too much about it but in his teenage years he was arrested for several crimes including theft, breaking-and-entering and assault. Seeing the moment as an opportunity to turn himself around and find a goal in life, Levi joined the Marines.

Immediately following his initial training he participated in some of the closing skirmishes of the Dominion War, although in truth he didn't see too much front-line action as his unit was primarily deployed to defend Betazed following its liberation.

His career has been fine but unspectacular, garnering him a reputation for being cynical but effective - and demanding the utmost respect for the uniform from his men. He hasn't so much drifted between assignments, rather he has found himself a marine officer during peacetime; accepting reassignments without protest or comment.

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