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Lieutenant Commander Ira Skovgaard

Name Ira Skovgaard

Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Species Human
Age 31
Gender Female
Homeworld Copenhagen, Denmark
Languages English, Danish

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Clear Blue
Physical Description Ira has long straight dark brown hair, a sharp strong jaw, and clear blue eyes that appear to change shades depending on her mood. She is tall and very muscular, focusing most of her attention on her appearance and physical health. Ira always has an intense, cold look on her face and is found to be very intimidating.

Ira still has a Danish accent from her youth though its severity has lessened throughout the years.

Ira has a prosthetic right shoulder and arm after losing her arm during an Intelligence mission gone awry. She is also covered with various scars and burn marks from her time in the field.


Father Nicolaj Skovgaard (deceased)
Mother Katja Skovgaard (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ira is a very cold, lone wolf personality. She focuses her life around her work since it is the only thing that has kept her alive. She is very stubborn and prefers things handled exactly her way. Ira is able to read people and predict their next move but has a difficult time forging strong personal relationships with them. After the death of her parents Ira was forced to grow up and make it through life on her own. Ira is very distrustful of others and doesn’t open up to anyone.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Brilliant
+ Logical
+ Strong-willed
+ Calculating
+ Beautiful
+ Can read people like a book

- Over Analytical
- Distrusting of others
- Stubborn
- Cold
- Prideful/Egotistical
- Hides her emotions from others
Ambitions Ira wanted to spend her entire life as an Intelligence Officer to stop intergalactic terrorism that was spreading throughout the Milky Way. However, after her in-field injury she was sent straight to desk duty. Her new ambition is to help create new Intelligence standards for starbases across the galaxy.
Hobbies & Interests Firearms, tap dancing, working out/weightlifting, reading


Personal History Ira was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, to Nicolaj and Katja Skovgaard. She was an only child, keeping mostly to herself after finding difficulty in connecting with her peers due to a quickly developing maturity. Her parents were both scientists, spending most of their times in the lab and developing Ira’s already high intelligence. When Ira was twelve years old, her family moved to San Diego, California to continue expanding their careers. As Ira grew older she discovered an ability to read others and gain the upper hand in most situations. She was not a particularly evil or manipulative girl, just found strength in understanding human behavior to protect herself from bad situations.

When Ira was 15 years old, her parents both died in a lab explosion, leaving the young woman to live and survive on her own. She turned to reading to continue her self-education and keep herself company during her loneliest nights. While Ira was in school focusing on her studies in psychology and human behavior, she was contacted by an Intelligence Recruiter from Starfleet after being discovered due to test scores that were well above her peers. Her lonely lifestyle was perfect for intelligence and spy work since she would be sent away on undercover assignments multiple times a year. Ira joined Starfleet Academy when she was 16 and graduated in the top 5% of her class after four years. After her graduation she was sent to Intelligence School where she learned and excelled in her courses and was well respected by many of her instructors.

Ira’s life in her 20s is mostly classified due to her numerous highly classified assignments. She travelled across the galaxy working on Intelligence and Counterintelligence to protect the Federation from the evil that lurked around it. She had been through it all and seen it all, often being sent on risky jobs and unnecessarily toed the line of death multiple times. She had a strong belief that she didn’t have much to live for and that she would prefer to have her life ended in the line of duty.

When Ira was 31, she was sent on a classified mission to investigate a potential terrorist attack at the Federation Headquarters on Earth. During her undercover work she had been discovered by the enemy and subsequently tortured and maimed by them. She was rescued on the verge of death after losing her right arm at her shoulder. The incident caused her to reevaluate her mentality and approach to her work. She could have died but didn’t. There was more for her to do. She was not done yet. After spending months in a Federation hospital in recovery and learning to use her new bionic arm, Ira was sent to permanent desk duty back on Earth.

Missing the life of travelling across the galaxy, Ira became very stir-crazy sitting all day. Her supervisors noticed and assigned her to travel to different bases to continue developing new and better safety tactics for the major Federation hubs. After the major terrorist attacks against Obsidian Command, Ira was sent as the new Second Officer to assist in improving its defenses and daily organization tasks.

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