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Lieutenant JG Itoban th’Shilliq

Name Itoban th’Shilliq

Position Inactive

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Species Andorian
Age 28
Gender Agendered/Non-Binary
Orientation Andorian :P
Homeworld Andoria
Languages Andorian, English

Physical Appearance

Height 1.8m
Weight 85kg
Hair Color White
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Itoban stands taller than average, and has the sleek build necessary for fighter pilots. A strong chin and sharp jawline A long scar run from the middle of his back, down around his right side toward his lower abdomen, a remnant of a training accident; he keeps it as a reminder of what can happen during even a moment of distraction behind the stick.


Spouse Ashrol ch’Venen, Vamia zh’Rahlin, Ivolla sh’Villith
Children Vrizaa zh’Shilliq (5), Isyraa sh’Venen (2)
Father Bossen th’Tyllir, Thonaan ch’Rhilloq
Mother Avallaa zh’Shilliq, Pirish sh’Tirir
Brother(s) Kalus ch’Tirir (31)
Sister(s) Eilabeth sh’Tyllir (27)
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Itoban is generally quiet and reserved. He had little patient for willful ignorance. He prefers small, personal groups over large crowds, and especially enjoys getting to know people with backgrounds different than his own (a holdover from Thonaan's teachings).
Strengths & Weaknesses Itoban is, in a classic sense, courageous and daring. That same, daring, has put him in serious danger on more than one occasion. He pushes both himself and his craft to their extreme limits. He lives for the thrill of flying. His impulsiveness also carries with his slight temper, though he manages to keep it under control in all but the most stressful of situations.
Ambitions He is always seeking a new thrill or adventure. He intends on continuing his career with Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Andorians devote little time to inefficient activities, and hobbies are such activities. He does have an interest in music, which he enjoys in private.


Personal History Itoban was born, as all Andorians, to a quartet of parents. Bossen served in Starfleet as a science officer aboard a deep-space exploration vessel, the USS DeVoe; Avallaa served on board the same vessel as a civilian diplomacy specialist; Thonaan served the Federation Counsel as a low-level bureaucrat for the Andorian delegation; Pirish grew up herding alicorne on a large ranch, and eventually stepped up to take over the family business. Itoban bounced between the Andorian capital city of Laikan, the Federation capital in Paris on Earth, seeing Bossen and Avallaa only on those rare occasions they made it back towards the core of the Federation.

Being as close to the Federation government as he was, Itoban was educated in the ways of diplomacy and civics from a very early age. As he got older, he showed very little interest in scientific endeavors, much to the dismay of Bossen, nor did he truly take hold of the civic ideals of Thonaan. While he enjoyed the wide open spaces and more rugged experience on the ranch when he was with Pirish, that lifestyle felt too slow for him to be truly happy with it.

However, during the constant trips between Andoria and Earth, and on several long trips around the Federation with Thonaan, he did find something that really caught his attention. Any chance he could find, with any excuse available, he would position himself on the bridge of the ships on which they were being transported. In particular, he’d sit as close to the pilots and helmsmen as he could, watching and listening to everything they did.

Around the age of twelve, Thonaan was able to obtain a number of holodeck programs revolving around flight training. When Thonaan wasn’t attending to his education, or assisting one of his parents on Earth or Andoria, he spent every available minute in them. Itoban jumped at every opportunity to obtain a new program, ranging from small shuttlecraft to NX-class starships. For his sixteenth birthday, his parents arranged for him to begin receiving formal flight lessons.

By the age of eighteen, and the completion of his basic education, he had completed the basic flight requirements for a civilian license. Almost immediately he signed up with the crew of the salvage ship Cantankerous, serving as their third-shift helmsman. Over the course of the next year, he began to realize that flying that kind of ship really was not as exciting as the holodeck programs showed them to be; there were no grand adventures or exciting pursuits. So, after his year-long contract was up, he parted ways with that crew and submitted his application to the only group he could think of that might offer what he was
looking for: Starfleet.

He breezed through most of his early courses, struggling mainly with the scientific studies. Itoban excelled in his cultural and history courses, and of course he dove headfirst into his engineering and operations classes. During his third year, during a seemingly routine training flight to Jupiter and back, with an in-motion docking maneuver with a freighter in orbit of the gas giant, Itoban suffered his first setback.

The flight should have been no different than any other. In fact, it was a flight he had completed multiple times before. It was so routine that Itoban had completely stop paying attention; it was a simple manual docking maneuver, after all. Against regulations he had music playing in his cockpit, and was all but ignoring the comm traffic from his fellow students. He was singing along with an ancient Earth musical company called “Steppenwolf” when the freighter reported a surge in power to their RCS thruster systems; when the freighter called off the maneuver, he completely missed the alert. The starboard RCS thruster fired unexpected, causing the freighter to quickly begin rolling. Itoban was a moment too late in recognizing the danger in which he now found himself, and part of the freighter smashed into the small shuttlecraft, shearing off the aft section.

Itoban was badly injured, suffering numerous broken and fractured bones, cuts and contusions, and vacuum exposure. He spent the next three weeks in the academy infirmary; he admitted to his mistakes and eventually faced an inquiry board. A formal reprimand was placed in his file. In lieu of expulsion, he was forced to repeat the third year. He also elected to maintain one of the largest scars caused by the accident as a direct reminder of the consequences of losing focus during a flight operation.

He was able to quietly complete the fourth year and graduate from the institution with no further incidents. His bondgroup, however, (the three other Andorians he had been arranged to mate with) began pushing to complete the shelthreth (the Andorian act of reproduction). He was well past the age at which most bondgroups mated. So, upon graduation and prior to his receiving his first assignment, Itoban requested a leave of absence in order to complete the rites and create their first child.

Service Record Cantankerous (salvage vessel) - 1 year
Starfleet Academy - 5 years (repeated Year 3 due to disciplinary action)

OOC Basics

Obsidian Fleet Username N/A
Discord Username (Name#1234) DK#5347
Timezone US Central

Sim Experience

Overall Sim and RPG Experience Nearly 15 years of writing experience in various groups. 10+ years of experience in UCIP, including command experience and senior leadership roles.
Other OF Characters None at this time.