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Police Detective Steve Sawyer

Name Steve Sawyer

Position Detective Bureau Officer

Rank Police Detective

Character Information

Species Human
Age 38
Gender Male
Homeworld Alpha Centauri

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Extremely fit and trim, Steve looks after his body like it is his temple. He exercises regularly, his workouts honed over time to give him an incredibly athletic but lean form.

Steve's body is marked with a number of various historical scars and scrapes; he's seen a fair amount of action over time, though he would be unlikely to discuss these.

He has a tattoo of a small dragon stencilled over his left shoulderblade.


Spouse None
Father Bradley
Mother Hannah
Brother(s) Tom (32)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Steve is charismatic and determined, with the sort of physique and mannerisms that many young women would swoon over. Despite this he has a dark maturity to him beyond his years. He never married, despite having a reputation for being a perfect gentleman, yet he is rarely seen out socialising to the extent that he would be called a ladies man.

Despite a friendly and outgoing persona, Steve has the tendency to slip between social circles and adapt himself to whatever circumstances throw at him. He is keenly perceptive and aware of his surroundings, rarely caught by surprise and very empathetic to others.
Strengths & Weaknesses - Skilled in martial arts, particular fan of Eskrima stick-fighting
- Experienced investigator


Personal History From a young age Steve always wanted to be a police officer. He joined up fairly young, working patrol routes and learning the ropes before transferring to a more interesting and exciting vice team working near the Federation border.

After a number of years working as part of one of the Federation's elite taskforces clamping-down on the use of Ketracel White as a narcotic, Steve moved on from the role into a more dangerous but rewarding undercover position. His team undertook an undercover operation lasting nearly three years, bringing down a notorious Orion trafficking ring operating inside Federation space. The experience left him a changed man, however. He was more withdrawn and rarely spoke of the things he'd witnessed while there.

More recently he voluntarily accepted a move out of vice and into a more generalised detective role - officially it was a sideways move, but one that was designed to help him recover and acclimatise to being himself again.

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