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Lieutenant Commander Bree Sanderson

Name Bree Juliet Sanderson

Position Inactive

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Species Human
Age 50
Gender Female
Orientation Gay
Homeworld Earth
Languages Federation Standard, Some Vulcan, Limited Romulan and Klingon

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 179lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Bree at 6'1 is above average height for a woman, her physique is toned and borders on the side of "willowy"

Her flame red hair and grey eyes instantly draw attention, coupled with her height she is more, interesting to look upon than classically attractive.


Spouse T'Vel - Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bree is probably best described as a fighter. The only daughter of two scientists it was a foregone conclusion that she herself would pursue a career in the sciences.

On first meeting, Bree can come across as cold, possibly even standoffish but this is purely a defense mechanism to prevent herself getting hurt. Once she trusts you she is certainly someone you want on your side be that in sickbay or on a battlefield.
Strengths & Weaknesses - Keen Intellect with an eye for detail
- Not one to shy away from difficult decisions
- Surprisingly adept marksman for a medical professional

- Can at times let her heart overrule her head
- Sometimes fiercely independent to a fault
- Has been known to put herself in harms way
Ambitions Bree is not outwardly ambitious, having been known to point out that having survived a year in the trenches during the Dominion War that she has completed her biggest ambition, staying alive.
Hobbies & Interests An avid equestrian Bree loves to ride horses, she is also something of a speed freak having a passion for 20th-century automobiles or pretty much anything with an engine. The biggest surprise though is possibly Brees love of various forms of hand to hand combat and proficiency on the shooting range.


Personal History Born May 11th 2344 at the Mintaka colony to Marcus and Philippa, Bree Juliet Sanderson had an enviable childhood. Her Mother one of the leading minds in cybernetics within the federation and her father a renowned warp theorist and two time Daystrom prize winner, Brees formative years were spent travelling the Alpha and Beta Quadrants with her parents.

From an early age Bree showed a natural gift for Xenobiology and by age 16 had been offered a place at the prestigious Andor science university. It was always assumed that she would take this position and being offered it came as no surprise. The big surprise happened in the form of Bree not only declining the offer but then informing her parents that she wanted to enrol in Starfleet.

In 2361 just after her 17th birthday, Bree was granted early acceptance to Starfleet Academy, majoring in Xenobiology and minoring in Astrophysics. As expected she excelled in her major and her grades were more than sufficient in her minor. In 2365 Bree graduated Starfleet Academy with honours and the rank of Ensign, she immediately transferred to Starfleet Medical and so began a further 4 years of studying to gain her MD.

It was during her time at Starfleet Medical Bree met T’Vel, the woman that would go on to become her wife. Upon first meeting there was an instant rivalry between the human Bree Sanderson and the Vulcan/Romulan T’Vel, both intent on being better than the other. T’Vels drive came from being a child of Hellguard, a Romulan prison camp. Due to her mixed parentage she was never truly accepted by either world that her parents were from, her subsequent adoption and being raised by human parents did not help matters and she saw herself as needing to constantly prove her worth. As the years went by though their rivalry softened and the two became friends at first before eventually, and somewhat unexpectedly to those who knew them lovers.

In 2369 Bree graduated from Starfleet Medical at the top of her class and she took her first residency as a junior doctor aboard the USS Odyssey, a Galaxy class Starship. T’Vel joined her aboard the Odyssey as another of the ships medical staff. Brees time aboard the Odyssey was to be cut significantly short. While undertaking shore leave visiting her parents on Denab news reached her of the destruction of the USS Odyssey, all hands were lost, including Brees now wife T’Vel.

Following a brief leave of absence following the loss of her wife, Bree returned to active service aboard the USS Valhalla in 2371, serving as ships surgeon under Chief Medical Officer Evelyn Forester. Doctor Forester was a great help to Bree in getting over the grief of loosing the woman she loved, and she began to get her life back on track, however as predicted by Starfleet Intelligence, in 2373 Bree and everybodys lives in the Federation was about to change as an all out war with The Dominion commenced.

2374, The Valhalla saw more than it’s fair share of combat as part of the Tenth Fleet. However it was during The Dominions attack on and subsequent occupation of Betazed that Brees life would experience a darker twist. The Valhalla was one of a handful of ships that were able to respond to the planet wide distress call that signalled the invasion of Betazed. Unfortunately The Dominions forces overwhelmed the planets antiquated planetary defences along with the small contingent of ships that were there to help. The Valhalla was lost, with barely a quarter of her crew able to abandon ship. Of the ten escape pods launched all but 3 were captured by The Dominion. Bree was aboard one of the 3 that managed to soft land on the surface of Betazed. With the help of the Betazed people Bree and her fellow survivors were able to avoid capture by Dominion forces. Cut off from Starfleet support, there was only one mission now, to survive.

So followed nearly 12 months of Guerrilla warfare as Bree, the Starfleet survivors and small pockets of native resistance did all they could to try and destabilize the occupying forces on the planet, feeding what intel they could back to Starfleet command as part of the war effort. The skirmishes they became involved with were bloody and Bree saw and undertook things that haunt her to this day.

In 2375 in a joint allied mission Betazed was liberated, but not without further heavy losses, freedom did not come without a price and of a crew of 300, Bree Sanderson was the only remaining survivor of the Valhalla. Owing to Starfleets already substantial losses Bree elected, despite knowing herself the need to take a leave of absence following her ordeal, to instead take a new assignment as Chief Medical Officer on board the USS Ticonderoga, it’s assignment, The Battle of Cardassia. A battle that effectively ended the Dominion War.

Following the end of the Dominion War and an attempt to return back to active duty Bree reconciled with the fact that she needed time to heal and in 2380 Bree to a sabbatical from Starfleet for a period of 10 years and took a position with the organisation Médecins Sans Frontières, bringing relief and medical care to any and all who had been impacted by the Dominion War and the destruction of Hobus.

In 2390 Bree ended her sabbatical and returned to active service with the posting of Chief Medical Officer on board the USS Nelson. Her time on board the Nelson was very much uneventful, but enjoyable however, with a career in Starfleet now spanning close to 30 years she decided a change of pace was called for and applied for transfer aboard to Obsidian Command.
Service Record 2361 - Starfleet Academy, Sanfransisco Campus, Earth
2365 - Starfleet Medical, Lake Armstrong Campus, Earths Moon
2369 - USS Odyssey, Junior Medical Officer
2371 - USS Valhalla, Ships Surgeon
2375 - USS Ticonderoga, Cheif Medical Officer
2380 - Sabattical from Starfleet, Médecins Sans Frontières
2390 - USS Nelson, Cheif Medical Officer
2394, Obsidian Command, Cheif Medical Officer

OOC Basics

Obsidian Fleet Username Farrendahl
Discord Username (Name#1234) Farrendahl
Timezone GMT

Sim Experience

Overall Sim and RPG Experience Over 25 years simming experience both with OF and independents. Previously CO within OF (USS Hunter 2004 and others) took a break from simming in 2008 and now returning.