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Civilian Rebecca Sharpe

Name Rebecca Sharpe

Position Inactive

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Species Human
Age 18
Gender Female
Orientation Bisexual
Homeworld Earth
Languages Federation Standard

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft 7
Weight 16st
Hair Color Ginger
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Of average height for her age, slender but curvy in all the 'right' places.


Father Carl Roberts
Mother Kassandra Sharpe
Brother(s) Philip Sharpe (35)
Richard Sharpe (33)
Other Family Caroline Hatfield (17) - Adopted Niece

Personality & Traits

General Overview A mischievous and playful character, always looking for a good time, often finding it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Rebecca's main strength is her resilience and determination to do the absolute best she can at anything. She's also fiercely loyal and protective of her family and friends.

She does have psychological scars from the abuse she experienced from her mother, which can cause significant personality changes when triggered.
Ambitions Rebecca's biggest ambition is to be the best in the universe.
Hobbies & Interests Clothes, Shopping, Boys, Girls, Shoes, Food


Personal History Rebecca is the youngest of the Sharpe clan, and Richard's favourite sibling. The feeling is most assuredly returned, as Rebecca worships her big brother, who effectively raised her and protected her from her vindictive mother.

That was, until, Richard moved away to join the marines. Rebecca did her best to stand up for herself, but her overbearing mother wore her down. Knowing that if Richard ever found out, he'd kill their mother, she elected never to tell him what she was being forced to endure.

This all came to a head during a visit to Obsidian Station, where thanks to the efforts of the FCPD, Kassandra was exposed and forced to leave her daughter behind with Richard. Richard immediately became her legal guardian once the evidence of the police was presented to a Federation Magistrate.

Rebecca immediately formed a close bond with Richard's other ward - Caroline Hatfield, a girl from the mirror universe that Richard adopted. The two are now virtually inseparable, and can often be seen together. Matt Butler, a close friend of the girls, often jokes that they come as a pair.

OOC Basics

Obsidian Fleet Username KerryMalone
Discord Username (Name#1234) Kerry

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