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1st Lieutenant Quinn McKenna

Name Quinn McKenna

Position Judge Advocate

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Information

Species Human
Age 25
Gender Female
Homeworld Earth
Languages English

Physical Appearance

Height 5`8"
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description A very athletic woman, with red hair usually worn long and loose, though often tied back if she is in court. Intense green eyes.


Brother(s) Two brothers.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quinn is a lawyer, and has many of the traits you would stereotypically find in someone of that profession. She is highly intelligent, determined, stubborn, and can sometimes show a flash of arrogance.

Strengths & Weaknesses + Highly intelligent and educated
+ Keen eye for details
+ Loyal and stubborn... stands up for the client

- Stubbornness is a negative too... sometimes doesn't know when to let go.
- Can be a little suspicious of others.
- Sometimes lets her mouth outrun her brain.
Ambitions Wants to continue practicing law, doing what she loves... beyond that... she is content to live life.
Hobbies & Interests Tends to enjoy reading a good book on the holodeck now and then, as well as archery and a few other leisurely pursuits.


Personal History Quinn always wanted to become a lawyer, but she also lived a rough and tumble life with two brothers living in Ireland. She realized that a quick way to the legal profession was to join the Marine Corps and go through the JAG program.

Quinn excelled at basic training and went through officer candidacy school before going through legal training. She could have joined any branch of the military but never wavered from her original goal.

She was particularly drawn to the Prosecution Service, as she wanted to represent what she believed was justice. She started out young and naive, believing that the state was always right. She quickly learned otherwise, and is gaining a reputation for being fair and even handed during a trial. While not being above using an opponent's mistakes against them, she subscribes to a form of honour.... avoiding dirty plays and dishonest tactics in her work.

After starting her career in the Sol System, she was recently moved to Obsidian Command, as it is a major hub of traffic, and legal counsel is often needed in many matters.

While being officially part of the JAG department, her clearance level allows her to work on pretty much any case where she does not have a demonstrated conflict of interest, and with the lack of lawyers this far out on the frontier, her expertise is often in high demand.

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