Obsidian Command

Welcome to Obsidian Command!

Posted on 03 Aug 2017 @ 4:39pm by Captain Ovik

As the new station commander of Obsidian Command I, Captain Ovik, would like to welcome you! The stardock is the official headquarters of the Ninth (Obsidian) Fleet, housing the Joint Fleet Command, many of the fleet divisions and departments, and a large crew complement led by the former crew of the USS August diplomatic cruiser.

We are just now getting transferred over from the August to the OC starbase. However, we are always looking for players. We need to recruit some Marines and Fighter Pilots, as well as some Tactical and Strategic Operations folks. Inquire today if you're interested.

Regardless, have a look around as this new story develops, and as future stories for Obsidian Fleet unfold right here before our eyes. Exciting times are ahead!



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