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News Regarding Command of OC Going Forward

Posted on 28 Oct 2018 @ 8:07am by Admiral Andreas du Lac

Hi everyone,

As you'll be aware, Paul has resigned as CO of Obsidian Command. The Joint Fleet Command would like to thank him for his work and continuing the legacy of OC.

We've reached a decision about what's going to happen in the future with the sim, as it's existence and operation is central to the Fleet. Effectively immediately, I'll be taking over command of the simulation, with support from Admirals Sharr and Sepandiyar. Now that's the bad news out of the way you can all breathe a sigh of relief ;)

What does this mean going forward for the sim? Well, the sim will essentially be going freeform. We'll be writing in specific event arcs as and when, but we'll be mostly focusing on character development and day-to-day life onboard a starbase. We'll also be encouraging CO's to drop by, so expect to see guest CO's and guest crews appearing from time to time, for example, there's some collaborative work going on with the USS Vesta with regards to the current mission on the base - mostly around the Fleet's efforts to pull us back out of the Void (hint: it involves Merians and a lot of stuff). Likewise, you'll see some more posts coming from various Staff characters on the Fleet Council writing IC, plus as we develop the Fleet Lore IC, Obsidian Command will be heavily involved in that.

I'll also be working with you closely to develop the Lore around Obsidian - it's something of a void at the moment but the best way I can describe it is something akin to Vulcan-meets-Dune; tribal, warm, and after 150 years of UFP presence on the planet it's still getting used to outsiders. According to the book on Obsidian the locals technologically regressed by choice, so it'd be interesting to explore some of that dynamic too.

I'm hoping I can having something announced regarding an Executive/Station Officer soon as we'll likely be trying to replicate the Flag situation aboard a modern-day vessel where the base is directly run by a CO on a day-to-day basis but the Flag Officer has the overall control. It depends on whether it's tempting to the individual I have in mind ...

So, that's the news. For now, feel free to continue the arc on the Void and the character development. You'll likely see a JFC post (or three) coming soon, and hopefully, the Vesta and other crews might be stopping by.

Feel free to contact me on dulac@obsidianfleet.net or via Discord if you have any questions.

Chris aka du Lac



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