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The Admiral's Daughter

Posted on 05 Jul 2018 @ 1:28am by Commander Amaya Lance

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening folks!

Hope you all had a good rest, enjoyed the downtime, had a wonderful 4th July, etc.

I'm kicking off our new plotline, "The Admiral's Daughter" - a hopefully fun little jaunt taking us off the station and to the planet's surface below in search of some lost lovers...

This is for everyone to get involved with, so if you don't have a directly relevant character I suggest you try and make one! There's plenty of opportunities to do something new, if you're not sure just give me a nudge.

Information on Obsidian the planet can be found here: https://www.obsidianfleet.net/db/obsidian-planet/
Hopefully this can give you some inspiration to do something unique.

As always, thanks for playing!


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