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Posted on 19 Feb 2018 @ 8:40am by Commander Amaya Lance

Hi everyone

Welcome to the new regime! It's like the old regime, really, just with more British-ness. So...more tea, I guess?

I just wanted to send this out as a public thanks to both Chris for his hard work and support, and to you guys for bearing with us through a slightly uncertain time. It's been great posting with you all and I honestly haven't been part of such a great sim in a very long time.

I do have a couple of decisions to make around positions - as I have moved up from XO that slot becomes available. I've asked Peter/Kerry/Sharpe (whatever he likes to be known as) to step into this role. He has been invaluable support to Chris and I in an AGM capacity in the last few months so it felt like a natural progression. I'm delighted that he accepted the offer, and he has resurrected an old PC of his to serve as the in-character XO of Obsidian Command.

Given some inactivity by a few players since I arrived these guys will be given an opportunity to let me know if they want to continue, otherwise they'll be moved to the inactive list. I do feel like I would like to recruit replacements for these folks, so if you know anyone who might be interested in joining the loveboat...err...station, why not give them a nudge?

The bulk of the in-character changes will happen at the end of the current storyline, which I feel is going to be just around the corner. Once we're done with the Into The Mirror storyline, I intend for us to have a bit of a break, do a bit of a time-jump forward before starting anything new; I promise it'll be a little bit less heavy.

Thanks everyone - you all rock and I love writing with you all.

Amaya Lance


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