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Ovik's Transition Off

Posted on 16 Feb 2018 @ 4:56pm by Captain Ovik

I come to you folks today with some news that is long overdue. Given my delays since October and my more official LOA status since December, I have decided to move on and let this sim continue on without my unknown future. Since taking a new job in December, my free time and ability to multitask at work has waned heavily and thus all my fanclub activities are slowing or ceasing for a while.

I am pleased to announce that Paul has been given the go-ahead to assume command of this fine station. Paul was an excellent XO - probably my best ever - and has been running things for a few months anyways. I have no doubt he will continue to rock. I will let the IC dealings of this transition happen with Paul and the JFC characters. But OOCly you can congratulate Paul and know that OC is in good hands.

I am very sorry to have dragged my feet for so long, and I will miss all of you greatly. We built a great sim, and I am glad I could facilitate that at the beginning.

My characters may be archived, and who knows maybe I'll start writing again some time soon. But for now, I will bid you all adieu as I go back to work (literally and figuratively).

Again, you are allstars and I know Paul will continue that.

God Bless,
Chris, aka Ovik, aka a bunch of other characters and NPCs


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