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End of Mission & Awards

Posted on 30 Dec 2017 @ 10:19pm by Commander Amaya Lance

Hi all

We're now at the end of our amazing successful failure of "The Puzzle Begins", which whilst didn't exactly achieve the plots stated aims, was one of our most successful storylines to date. We saw a lot of growth, hi-jinx and mischief from many of you. I know I speak for Captain Ovik when I say we genuinely appreciate all of your hard efforts in the last few months, especially with Chris being indisposed for the last month or so - I know he is also appreciative of you guys bearing with him as well.

So, to thank you all for your hard work and staggering logging figures, we would like to announce a few awards/promotions for the people that were more heavily involved (or long-overdue some acknowledgment):

- Captain Paul Reed is promoted to Federation Civilian Police Commander Paul Reed, with Lieutenant Ari 'Archie' Porter promoted to FCPD Police Captain.

- Captain Richard Sharpe is promoted to Major.

- 1st Lieutenant Adam Towers is promoted to Marine Captain.

- Attache Eilaea t'Keirianh is noted for her valuable service to the Romulan cause and promoted to Diplomatic Consul.

- Ensign Claire Kessler is promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade).

- Lieutenant J'Dan Nao and Civilian Laveish are recognised for their contributions with a commendation for active participation in the storyline.

If anyone has additional nominations they would like to put forward following this news post, you can do this through the main OC site, or by contacting me.

Thank you all for being generally amazing people to write with, and here's to having some good old family fun on our next one!

- Obsidian Command Crew


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