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Crew Changes

Posted on 29 Sep 2017 @ 4:52pm by Captain Ovik

I am pleased to announce the arrival of Lieutenant J'Dan Nao (played by Keiran, http://obsidian-command.com/index.php/personnel/character/83 ) as our Chief of Security. We have some things to work out on that department and the interplay with the rest of the sim, but it should be fun.

Thank you to Myst for another recruitment - she receives another recruitment award!

Now, on a sadder note, Aaron (D'arf) and Chris B (Annabelle) have been deactivated on the sim due to inactivity. It is really a shame, but it was time. So we have an opening for Executive Officer (big shoes to fill) and we always welcome civilians.

I have the recommended positions up on our front page, a recruitment thread up on the OF forums, and will get a FaceBook ad up soon as well. If you are interested or know someone, just let me know!


Chris (aka Ovik)


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