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New Mission Beginning

Posted on 04 Sep 2017 @ 11:20am by Captain Ovik

Ok folks, the next mission is about to begin and you can find the details here:

(click the Summary tab)

As a basic break down, we will end up breaking into two groups - Ovik will lead one group in the August and D'arf will take a Wallace class to another place. Sage and I will write some background as to WHY we're splitting up.

The Marines will be going somewhere as well, but we may or may not need them (shifty eyes) during our mission. heeee

If you feel like you are not key to this mission, do not worry - you will be involved. For example, the Romulan Artifact is one of the key pieces so our Romulan friends will need to be involved. We'll find a space for everyone, for sure.

So expect some posts today/tomorrow, and finish up your current JPs under "New Tour Orders" as soon as you can. Get Ready!


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