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New Members

Posted on 23 Aug 2017 @ 3:53pm by Captain Ovik

I have been remiss in introducing our new members lately. So let's take a look at these folks, and make them feel at home.

First, we welcomed our new Marine contingent with Marine Captain Sharpe (Kerry) and 1st Lieutenant Towers (Towers). They are really doing a bang-up job, as you've probably seen, getting the Marine area of the sim into shape. Should be fun!

Today, we welcome to more members. First, we welcome Ensign Porter (Carin) in our Security wing - Latida will have a friend, in a way. Second, I am pleased to have Lieutenant Kirilova (Luke, rank not 100% set) as our Chief of Engineering.


We are getting to a great number of crew, which also means I'm going to be leaning on D'arf and department heads to help me keep things going. I am loving the energy and I hope we can all have some fun!


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