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In need of NPCs

Posted on 17 Aug 2017 @ 5:03pm by Captain Ovik

Hey friends. Before I start to advertise the sim a bit more broadly (mostly for Security/Tactical/Marines/Operations), I wanted to open up a couple NPC options for folks. I ALWAYS welcome people doing an NPC in another department - Luther (Lutida) is now playing an NPC EMH, for example. So always feel free to put something up and/or ask D'arf or myself.

But in this case, I am looking for a couple specifics. First, I want to NPC the Fighter Squad. These characters would not get a lot of action for a while, but they would be fun to play when they do. If you are interested, send me a note. I only need 2-3 max.

Second, I want to open up NPCs for some Romulans and Romulan Resistance (eventually Republic-types). Again, probably just 1-2 on each side, but I think these would be best as NPCs since they will not be central to the story all the time.

We could add players in these areas, but I don't want to start that right off. So please consider contributing and we'll get things moving more. Stay tuned for an official IC announcement on the OC change, as well as a mission briefing in the coming weeks. Until then, have some fun and explore our new base! :)



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