Obsidian Command


PLEASE NOTE: All members of Obsidian Command must be over the age of 15. This is in compliance with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, 2012). When applying to join Obsidian Command, it is imperative that you provide your real name and age - this information is considered strictly confidential, only accessible by the Command Team, the Obsidian Fleet Office of Personnel Management and the Fleet Operations team. This policy is universal, regardless of the applicant's country of origin. Failure to comply will result in a swift removal, and ban, from Obsidian Command, with information pertaining the account sent to all relevant Obsidian Fleet Departments.

When you join Obsidian Command you agree and commit to the following rules and requirements:

  1. Obsidian Command is a 15+ rated simulation, which means there may be strong language, scenes of a sexual nature, and violence or bloodshed. If in doubt, please contact the Command Team who can advise as to your post. You may be removed without warning if you contravene this rule.

  2. Obsidian Command is intended to be a community of friends. Conflicts inevitably do arise at times, and in those cases you are asked to approach the CO for advice on how to proceed if you are uncertain. In no cases will expressions of aggression, tolerance or revenge actions be permitted.

  3. Your character, posts, personal logs and similar will be maintained on the site, even after you leave the sim if you should choose to do so. You grant Obsidian Fleet and Obsidian Command a non-exclusive and perpetual licence to use the content you create for the sim for the purpose of historical archives on joining. However, your characters will not be used by other players at any stage - this is not permitted whether characters are active or not. Which leads on to...

  4. You may not use the characters on the sim other than your own (PC or NPC supporting characters) without the permission of the relevant player.

  5. You commit to follow all rules and regulations as listed on the OF website

  6. If you have any questions or need help, contact the CO (http://obsidian-command.com/index.php/main/contact) in the first instance.